EP062 – The 3 Pillars to MSP Marketing Success with Dave Sutton

EP062 - The 3 Pillars to MSP Marketing Success with Dave Sutton

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In this episode of the IT Experts Podcast, we are joined by the amazing Dave Sutton of Wingman MSP Marketing, and we share with you the three pillars to MSP marketing success. 

To start with, Dave introduced himself and shares what they do in Wingman MSP Marketing.  

I briefly ask him about his insights about lead generation and how Dave thinks the marketing has changed for the MSP over the last 18 months. He says that the most important thing now is to focus on how MSPs are going to pick apart their relationship now with their clients. MSPs have now got to own the market and be all over their clients. 

We also talk about niche marketing specializing in a particular sector, and Dave thinks it’s the only way to own the market and really put yourself apart from a lot of MSPs. We both agree that MSPs should focus more on selling business outcomes rather than the tech. 

Dave and I then continued to discuss the three pillars to MSP marketing success which are: 

  1. Audience 
  1. Messaging 
  1. Broadcast 

Dave and I go on to dissect each pillar and discuss what to do about it and how it’s important. 

We talk about how to create an audience and how to build value around them. Dave highlights that the first step is to understand the language around it. Leads come from prospects, and prospects come from suspects. Audience segmentation is also important as you start to move down the pipeline and Dave explains the key thing to do when taking a slightly different approach. 

We then tackle the messaging and I ask Dave how do we make our messages different. Dave emphasizes that your messages have to be sexy or scary to get people’s attention. If you do something that they feel is relevant to them, that is what’s going to make them stop scrolling and check your message. 

Use a pain point for the front end and give them a story that resonates with them to get their attention. 

Finally, we discuss the third pillar which is the broadcast, where I ask Dave the importance of becoming the subject matter expert and understanding the whole process of code to solve the sales funnel when MSPs are starting to attract leads. Dave says that there is a lot of steps involved, a lot more work needed, a lot more qualification, and a lot more pain to spot. The key thing is to take them through the journey and qualify them into the different pockets at different stages. Build out the sales process and have a good CRM structure to manage that so you know where they are at. 

To wrap up, Dave and I briefly discuss multi-channel marketing for your broadcast and the successful ways for MSPs to use it. Dave says to not just rely on social media and SEO for clients to come to find you, because it’s almost too late at that point. The bigger element is to be all over them like a rash consistently but not persistently. 

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we love creating it and gives you massive value in achieving your MSP marketing success. 

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