EP063 – The Pillars to MSP Success with Karl Palachuk and Ian Luckett

EP063 - The Pillars to MSP Success with Karl Palachuk & Ian Luckett

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In this pillar episode of the IT Experts podcast, we are joined by a pioneer of managed services with over more than 2 decades in the channel, the legendary Karl Palachuk.  

We dig into what’s going on in the IT & MSP space, we talk about important tips and tricks in client management, profitability, and service delivery to help MSP business owners succeed. 

First things first, Karl shares how he started in the IT & MSP space, how it all began for him, and how he got to where he is today.  

Karl says he has loved technology from day one and that took him to who he is now.  

Karl and I exchange sharing career experiences and he shares how he learned a lot about “the right way to do things”. 

We then briefly talk about one of Karl’s key pillars to his thinking which is around prioritisation of what you’re doing and not be interrupt-driven. Both of us agree that contrary to popular beliefs, business isn’t what makes us successful.  

Karl says that before MSPs become independent, they are judged by the amount of business and stress they have but actually, none of those two contributes to an MSP’s success. 

Karl and I then tackle company culture, and I ask him when he realised that it is one of the key pillars to business success. Karl thinks most consultants go into business because of bad bosses. We also weigh in on good and bad bosses and we both agree that good company culture is all about building relationships. 

We then move on to talking about client management and Karl shares his tips on the key things MSPs need to focus on to ensure that they make the money and keep their clients well.  

Karl says it’s a rule of life to only work with people you like and like you. He also highlights that with clients, it’s a must to always be engaging in a high-level, two-way conversation with clients.  

As a result, MSPs can properly determine what shall be done and then go and put those things in place. Communication is key. 

Karl and I also briefly talk about sales and having quarterly business reviews, which he calls road map meetings. 

We then continued to tackle finance by asking Karl about some of the fundaments that MSPs should consider in terms of profitability, and Karl answers with “Get prepaid for everything.”  

He then explains how and why it matters. We also talk about Karl’s comment that I noted, saying that it’s not our responsibility to save our client’s money, and why it’s something for an MSP to consider. 

Finally, Karl and I talk about service delivery. I ask Karl what things MSPs should really consider in making sure that their service delivery toolbox is ticked off and he answers, having a PSA. It’s not absolutely necessary but it’s very useful to keep track of everything that needs to be done, and I relate it to scalability. 

To wrap up this value-loaded episode, I ask Karl for two tips for MSPs, one for the 6-figure MSPs and one for the 7-figure MSPs. Don’t miss it! 

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as Karl and I enjoyed creating it. This is a truly pillar episode of the series and I suggest that you listen to this episode as many times as you can and make sure you get every ounce of value from this pillar episode. 

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