The IT Experts Model

Simplifying Business Growth with our Straight Forward System

The IT Experts model is a straight-forward business growth tool that is specifically designed to help IT & Tech Businesses increase sales, productivity and profit.

It helps you build confidence and knowledge within the business to develop your own tailored growth plan that in turn, will help you take your business to your next level.

WARNING: This is NOT an “Off the shelf” system, We (together) will build a tailored solution that is simple to use and that’s because every Business has different challenges.

IT Experts Model - Simplifying Business Growth

What are the key elements to the IT Experts Model?

The IT Experts Model consists of 5 main elements, we know through experience that will help you short cut your route to business growth success.

By clicking on the 5 Icons below from the IT Experts Model, you will find the latest relevant Videos, Blogs, Tips and Tricks in each section.

Click on the element that you wish to accelerate in first!

YOUR Business Growth is all about YOU at the end of the day and often, the main desire is to work less hours, and enjoy what you do.

However, to get this we need to have a clear vision and direction for your business and this comes from your mind-set, health and wellbeing – Don’t panic it won’t hurt, but the process we go through certainly will get you thinking about your WHY (and your Purpose)

If you don’t know where your next client is coming from and what they are going to buy, then you’re in trouble.

With Business Development, we take a deep dive into refining your USP, understanding your customer journey, lead generation, assessing effective sales, marketing activities and measuring each area for your very own ROI.

Your team and your wider network are one of the most important elements of your business. As an expert in the tech sector, you need experts supporting you as these are hard to find!

Once you have found the right people then you need to keep them and that makes finding them look easy! Staff engagement and development is a great way to supercharge your business growth.

Your profit is your lifeline. Sales are easy to increase; however profitable sales are another issue. We look at how you are packaging your services and solutions to help you stand out from the crowd.

Also, we understand your real time cash flow and make sure you know which levers to pull to make the costs go down and profits go up.

“What gets measured gets done”. If you don’t regularly keep track of how your business is performing, then how do you know if you have the bandwidth to take on an extra client or project?

We interrogate your Productivity, Time management, Resource Planning and Reporting to give you a one stop approach to the health of your business.

If you’re still reading at this point, then why not check out my Bio to see who and how Ian Luckett – IT / MSP and Business Growth Expert can help.

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