EP052 – The Future of MSP Business with Jason Kemsley and Ian Luckett Part 2

future of MSP

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In this latest episode of the IT Experts Podcast, and Part 2 with Jason Kemsley from Uptime Solutions, we talk more about the future of MSP, this includes the non-technical side of the business; client relationships and how to build them, a little more about sales and how to build value into your customers.

I asked Jason what the relationship with new clients will look like for the future of MSP, and how conversations will change. Jason believes that the biggest fundamental change in terms of client relationships is that the goals of technology will then be a direct alignment to the goals of the business.

Jason and I then talked briefly about sales and how sales language is so important.

I shared how it’s similar in our very own IT Experts Community within the IT Experts App where we don’t sell but rather focus on giving value and explaining how we can help.

We also discussed how important it is to create a partner relationship rather than a supplier relationship, and that you can leverage it down to your team, so you don’t have to do it all.

Jason shared an example from their operations in Uptime Solutions on how to get your team to transition from supplier to partner relationships.

Both of us agreed that putting your customers first is important. Looking after your customers and giving extra value to your customers especially in times of crisis will make them feel more important thus making the relationship become stronger and stronger. That’s the way to go!

Jason and I then continued talking about differentiating yourself from others and standing out.

Jason emphasized that focusing on a specific audience or area should go the same with MSPs, identify a criteria to figure out to whom you, as an IT & MSP business owner, deliver best.

The opportunities don’t diminish, they just become more focused. In the end, you essentially end up with far better relationships that fit your standards as well.

Finally, to wrap up this series with a cherry on top, Jason gave the top three takeaways that IT & MSP business owners should focus on now or at least in a month ahead. This one is something you shouldn’t miss!

I hope you enjoy this episode and I hope both parts in this series gave you massive value and better prepare you for the future of MSP, and to grow and scale your IT & MSP business.

future of MSP
EP052 - The Future of MSP Business with Jason Kemsley and Ian Luckett Part 2 1

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