EP051 – The Future of MSP Business with Jason Kemsley and Ian Luckett Part 1

EP051 - The Future of the MSP Business with Jason Kemsley and Ian Luckett

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In this latest episode of the IT Experts Podcast, and Part 1 in this two-part podcast series with Jason Kemsley from Uptime Solutions, we talk all about the future of MSP.

We talked about business automation, the latest technology, the shape of leadership, and the things to come in your IT & MSP business in the new way of working.

Jason began talking about how he sees rapid changes within the structure of the MSP and helpdesk as a whole. He talks about the points he believes will be in the future of MSP and help desk like how the customer care piece is going first line and product portfolios will just continue to grow and grow.

Then Jason and I weighed in briefly on the maturity in the business that affects its structure and organisation. I highlighted that reviewing the effectiveness of the tasks you are carrying out on a daily basis in your IT & MSP business are very important.

Jason then continued on to discuss how they assessed the amount of technical ‘shiny balls’ that came in the business and related that to how they started building Uptime Solutions.

He emphasized the biggest thing that contributed to their success that is also similar to what we teach here at IT Experts.

Both of us then tackled how we think the business owner leadership is changing and Jason then explained what the clearest correlation between bigger MSPs and their business mindset is.

Finally, to wrap up the first part of this series, Jason and I discussed, what we think the future of MSP client relationship will look like.

We both agreed that even with the massive shift we are seeing within this space, looking after customers is the most important. He also emphasized that selling on value is important and can’t be overlooked.

I hope you enjoy this episode, watch out for Part 2 of this episode where Jason and I discussed further on client relationships, how to build those relationships, a little bit about sales, and how to build value in your customers.

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