EP053 – Benefits of MS Dynamics In Your MSP with John Clark & Ian Luckett

EP053 - Benefits of MS Dynamics In Your MSP with John Clark & Ian Luckett

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In this latest episode of the IT Experts Podcast, we are joined with John Clark from Solutions Shared Limited, and he is a long-term Microsoft Dynamics expert sharing with us the benefits of MS Dynamics in your IT & MSP business.

Today we talk about business automation, process automation and delivering significant stickiness to your clients by providing them effectively with their own PSA Tool.

To start off, John shared the journey of the company which started as a one-man MSP then transitioning to a company that’s now a Dynamics for SME-based clients. John then touched on the technical side of things like details about Microsoft Dynamics and the apps they include. He describes MS Dynamics as a big box of Lego.

John and I then continued to talk about how MS Dynamics brought a massive impact on his business, and he shares how this system has helped his business grow. John expressed how there’s a shortage of Dynamics skills in the UK and in the world, and we both agreed that it’s a great opportunity for MSPs to join in and embrace.

I highlighted that if you’re an IT & MSP business owner who has an interest in the Dynamics environment, this is something that they could easily use to create stickiness to create a system, a CRM and an amazing opportunity for a PSA tool for their clients.

John then shared how it is going to work and how it will help the MSP space. He likened it to basically putting another string to your bow. He emphasized that when you build the system that your clients use to run their business, they are going to stay in touch with you. You know how their system works and you can keep supporting it over time.

Both John and I agreed that doing this takes your MSP to another level and John iterates that by integration with other systems, it’s a much nicer conversation to have than ‘you know my cybersecurity is better than yours’ type of thing.

We then continued on to talk about what the process would entail if MSPs have their own system to deploy to clients or build their own system for them. John gave an example of one they’ve built, putting the idea into reality.

Additionally, we also tackled John’s recommendations about holding or selling data when creating a bespoke system for clients and how IT & MSPs can begin understanding the whole thing about selling the business outcome and perceived value. I also asked John about how the IT & MSP space could get an ROI back and he answered that they could get it really quite quickly.

Finally, to wrap up the episode, John highlights how he would wholeheartedly support any IT & MSP business that wants to add Microsoft Dynamics, CRM and business central power apps to their portfolio. He reiterated that it’s a brilliant idea and a great thing for an MSP to add. He assures that although it might look a bit scary, it is definitely well worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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