5 Ways To Improve Your Employee Output in your MSP By 25% in 90 Days

5 Ways To Improve Your Employee Output By 25%

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It’s no surprise that right now, that most tech businesses are coming to terms with working remotely. However, more and more IT/MSP business owners that I talk to are wondering how to improve employee output to make up from the shortfall of business over the last few months.

The one critical factor in all successful MSP Businesses is having the right team around you.

People planning, people management and people leaving are some of the hardest things to get right in an organisation. I always test my clients by asking them – “If I were to talk to, one of your technicians or one of your employees and ask what they actually did, what would they say to me?”  

Would they say what you would want them to say or would they tell me exactly what they did in their day?   

Employee engagement is critical for any successful business, particularly if you want to improve employee output. Many years ago, I learned a concept called an expectation exchange. “I’m going to pay you a certain amount of money to come to work, and I expect you to do some work for me through a particular method or to a certain standard.”  

At the end of the day, business success is about getting the right people in the right jobs, making sure they are clear on your expectations. Knowing you can trust your employees is critical, but more importantly, they need to be motivated by the type of work that they’re doing, rather than operating by task and working like a conveyor belt.    

Below are the 5 key strategies that I use with my clients. I guarantee that if you’ll follow this through and you implement them in the next 90 days, you’ll get at least 25% more productivity out of your team and in your staff.  

1. Review your current structure – Draw out your skills map.   

The first thing to do is have clarity around your Accountability lines – Who is accountable for what? What are the different disciplines within your organisation? These could be the Helpdesk or Development Team, Onsite Support or Business Development 

Next up is understanding their skills set – What we need to identify here is if there are any critical lines? What happens when someone is either on holiday, someone’s off sick, or even if someone leaves the business? How would your business perform without going into an absolute meltdown? 

 These are the reasons why we must know and structure the skillsets available to the business.   

2. Assign KPI’s.   

Deliverables for each member of staff are essential for any people’s performance management system to work effectively. The higher the level you are, technically, the less work you should be doing. Tasks should be delegated correctly through the structure down to the team members.  You must ensure that everyone has the capability to carry out their work otherwise you may not find out until its too late.

When you successfully delegate a task to an individual, their motivation grows because they feel more empowered.  Motivated staff will do the job better because they will own that part of the business operations.  

3. Create your appraisal system.

Many people think they have an effective appraisal system in place; however, very few operate theirs properly as they should only have one main objective, which is to improve employee output.

Everyone must have a number in the organisation, and this means they must have a target of how many calls they need to make, how many clients that they need to serve, etc,etc. It must be clear what “Good” looks like for monthly, weekly, and daily performance.  Having ownership and accountability from an individual’s point of view is essential.  

You must ensure that you record your appraisal conversations and link them to actual business performance. This ensures that people are delivering, and are focused on the tasks they are empowered to do.  

4. Have a communications plan   

Talk is free and this means regular consistent communication is key. 

Everyone needs to know what’s going on in the business, what’s working well and what’s not going so well. As a leader in the business, it is vital that you hold regular and structured meetings. Regular communications keep people engaged and also this can be where you update them on the strategic direction of the business. Tell them, what it is you are doing, where you’re going, and the new things that are coming up.  

Also, when you secure new clients, it’s good to let the whole team know and onboard the entire business so that they can then serve the client correctly.

5. Regularly review individual’s performance   

Once you’re communicating effectively; you have an appraisal system in place, and everybody has their KPI deliverables, you’ll have a good solid structure to start with that in time will improve employee output. 

Now it’s time to ensure that you regularly sit down with your leadership team to review what they are doing and progress against the plan. How are they performing? What support do they need from you? Are there any training or development needs? And how are you going to introduce improvements moving forward? 

In summary, if you put this together and implement these five key areas, then I can guarantee that in the next 90 days you will increase the output of your team and your staff increase by at least 25%. The best part is that once you have mastered this internally, it won’t be long before your clients start to notice the same.  

Also, this process will enable your employees to understand what they should or what they shouldn’t be doing and this will also build employee engagement and increased productivity.

At IT Experts, we have extensive experience in getting more out of your people. We regularly deploy with our clients our People Performance Programme, which is your very own Business Performance and Managements specifically designed for IT & Technical Businesses. You can check it out HERE.

You can also learn more about how IT Experts can help you with your Technical and Non-Technical Teams by checking out our People Planning Section of the IT Experts Model

I hope you enjoyed this article, please feel free to reach out if you need any further help to improve employee output.

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