How Playing Suitcase Jenga Could Increase Your Sales Leads in 30 Days

How to Increase Your Sales Leads in 30 Days

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Business planning can be boring, right? It sounds like work, effort and not a terribly inspiring thing to do. However, if you want to increase your sales leads in your IT & Tech Business then you need a clear method and plan on how you are going to do it! Sorry…

However, many great successes in life, like building and growing an IT business, constructing a building or even getting married, need some sort of plan.

I don’t exactly know why or how, but I have ended up being a naturally great planner! You know, someone who can easily take a number of complex issues, tasks or problems and quickly get them into an orderly fashion.

But what has this got to do with going on holiday?

The main photo for this blog was taken ONE week BEFORE a recent family holiday.

It was the first trip we had made in a while where we were travelling to the airport by car (we normally take a taxi).  I wanted to make sure beforehand that all the suitcases fitted in the boot.

My main reason for this was because I know the stress and pressure of travelling with a family, let alone announcing to my wife just before we are due to leave that we can’t get all the cases in the car!

While on the plane, I started to reflect on how business success is about having an abundant flow of sales and also all about having a plan to follow. For me it is all about reducing risk and unnecessary stress and making the journey through the processes as easy and as quick as possible.

If (metaphorically speaking), we as business owners spent more time “packing up the car in preparation” in our own businesses, I just know that this undoubtedly will result in less stress and more sales opportunities.

All successful IT & Tech businesses have slick sales systems and processes that can be operated by others. This enables the business to naturally grow; I am sorry, but it is as simple as that.

When other people operate your business in a standard way, then this means that you can focus your time working ON revenue generating activities rather than getting caught up IN the weeds!

Most prospects come to me asking how to increase their sales leads and we always start by reviewing their current processes. Thus making sure that all their “suitcases” (Business issues), which are different sizes, fit in the back of their car.

We normally discover that they don’t have a standard “way” of doing things and this causes inconsistency across the business.

Once we have organised a single way of operating their sales and they understand that each one of their customers is like a suitcase (and different), then this will start to increase their sales leads very quickly.

What is your company “Way” of doing business?

You need a single company ‘way’ that anyone can operate otherwise you will run the risk of getting into overwhelm, and having an inconsistent business which will not deliver a great customer service.

So taking on board the reduction of stress that I enjoyed while packing the car up on the trip to the airport, below are my 5 key strategies to help you understand what you need to do to standardise the way you ‘do’ your sales process and this, when implemented, could help to increase your sales leads in the next 30 days.

  • Map out your current customer journey – What I mean by this is, draw out on a whiteboard the exact journey that you take your customer through today. From when they make the initial phone call contact through to signing the order. Note the individual steps that you take your clients through and who in your business is responsible for each step. The main purpose here is to identify any bottle necks and blockers and also clearly define who is responsible for what task.
  • Know why do people buy from you – Talk to a few of your best customers and ask them what you actually do for them. You might provide an IT service for them but in fact it could be around reducing risk, simply being there when they need you, or your specific technical knowledge and support. You must understand clearly the end result that they get from working with you.
  • Review your marketing message – Now your clients have told you what it is that you do for them. Does this come out in your marketing message? Is your social media, your website or any other platforms that you use to market your business, consistent with this new discovery? More importantly this must be threaded throughout any pitch or proposal deck that you r company has.
  • Update the benefits of your products and services – Make sure that now you understand what your new marketing message is, ensure that the end outcome is clear and consistent in all your landing pages, website, product pages etc. Again, this must clearly state the end result of working with you and your product service or solution.
  • Get feedback from your new clients – Now that you are starting to enjoy a flurry of new clients, make sure that you ask them what it is that they saw (in your marketing) that resonated with them. Why are they talking to you? What was it that they saw? And again, feed this back into the new process and your message.

By following the 5 steps above, you’ll be able to resonate better with your target market which will in turn increase your sales leads.

You will be able to match your products and service solutions to their pain points and then quickly get them the results they are after and in the meantime knock your competition out of the park.

Treat all your individual clients as individual suitcases trying to get in the back of your car but make sure that you have ONE single process and one that other people can use and therefore operate when you’re not around.

Further help and support for you…

At Innovate to Success, we help IT and Tech businesses to scale (we don’t generally use going on holiday as one of our key strategies, although I am always open to offers!)

Personal and Business vision sits under the Personal Development section of the Drive for Business Model and you can check out more content on this subject on this specific page.

Alternatively, we have a group on LinkedIn call the IT Experts Growth Academy where we share premium content.

If you have any specific challenges while learning how to grow your IT Business, then we can also organise a call by messaging me and connecting directly on LinkedIn or drop me an email at info@innovatetosuccess.com.

All the best and let me know how you get on with the strategies in this blog.

Until next time,

Ian “Pack the car up” Luckett

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