In this blog I give you 3 easy ways to refocus on business after your holiday. When you take holiday you can take your eye off the ball for up to one week before you go away.. Also it takes up to an additional week to reset and get back in the groove again upon return. Therefore, If you take a two week holiday then you could be potentially looking at a whole month where you are not 100% focused on business.

We need to identify when these periods are coming up and ensure that we plan to minimise disruption. We also need to change our philosophy around quiet times in the office and use this as time to get ahead of the game and get prepared while others are taking it easy.

Below are some top tips to help you prepare you and your team around the holiday season . These will enable you to be super organised so that the work gets done. It is possible to also benefit from these times and strive ahead and take advantage of this time. The team will see that you are in control as you have a plan and in turn this will build their confidence to work better together.

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Tip 1
Review your objectives.

The first step is to get back to basics. Go back and have another look at your yearly KPI’s, your Individual Performance Review or appraisal. This is how you started the year, so remind yourself what your main objectives are. You need to involve the team in the discussion so that they are all aligned together. This will help you identify anything that has changed or any areas that you feel need adjusting.

Also, don’t forget to discuss and agree any up stream changes with your manager and down stream changes with your team. This is critical to ensure everyone is bought in to achieve the same goal.

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Tip 2
Make sure the team are OK.

You need to just take a few moments to check the of the welfare of your team and the people around you. Did they have a good holiday, or was it a holiday from hell? Have there been any changes in their family situations? Are they fit and healthy? Were they ill over the break?

You must not take anything for granted. Take a few moments to have a casual chat with them just to double check that all is good at home. It is foolish to make assumptions.

If they do have something to tell you, then you must make sure you listen properly and take in what they say. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand how they are feeling. Make any necessary adjustments to their working arrangements,  just while they get back on track.

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Tip 3
Increase the frequency of meetings.

You now have your plan and you know that the team are OK. Now is the time to increase the frequency of meetings for the next four weeks. For example, if you have a monthly progress meeting, then hold one every two weeks. This will enable you to reinforce and remind everyone on what they need to do. This will help you refocus the whole team on what their common goals are and also remind them that they have a job to do.

You never know, you might develop a better way of working that you might decide to stick with!


So there you have it, 3 easy ways to refocus on business after your holiday. These three tips are integrated into my Drive programme.  The tips in this blog all come under the fifth and final section called EXECUTE, which is all about networking, building your team and taking action.

Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know if this has helped you in any way, also to share it and tell your colleagues and help to spread the message.  Don’t forget to check out my other blogs to help you reach your personal and business goals – all the links are below.

Have a great day!

If you would prefer, I have also shot this blog content in Video format. Just click on the link here to watch!

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