EP042 – How to Prevent Cancellations in Your MSP with Ian Luckett

E0042 - How to Prevent Cancellations in Your MSP with Ian Lucket

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How to Prevent Cancellations in Your MSP

In this episode of the IT Experts Podcast – Break Fix edition, we talk about some proven and practised tips that we have at the IT Experts community on how to prevent customers from cancelling and postponing their services. 

You need to remember that retaining your current customers is as good as finding new clients in your IT & MSP business.  

But first, you need to understand what sales language is, and really set the truths and the facts from everything else. 

Now, what are the steps that you need to learn so you prevent your customers from cancelling? 

Step 1: Acknowledge that they want to leave and talk to them. 

It’s always best to do this face to face. 

Step 2: Agree that they can postpone. 

Agree AND offer an alternative. 

Step 3: Find out what has changed. 

What really is the reason they are cancelling now? Ask HQQ (High Quality Questions) 

Step 4: Review the reasons why they invested in you to start with.  

Step 5: Re-establish some short-term goals. 

Step 6: Go back and re-close the deal. 

Step 7: Send them a confirmation email about your new course of action and deal. 

I hope that this episode helps you get some really good data on what’s going understanding your client, how your business has performed and delivered to you your client, as well as help you see some rooms for improvement from your team, and ultimately prevent cancellations.

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