EP030 – MSP Recruitment Secrets with Ben Leeds, Jon Martin & Ian Luckett

EP030 - MSP Recruitment Secrets with Ben Leeds, Jon Martin & Ian Luckett

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In this episode of the IT Experts Podcast, we are joined by technology recruitment specialists from JLA Resourcing Ltd, Ben Leeds & Jon Martin, and today we are going to share with you the latest ins and outs of IT & MSP recruitment. 

Ben shared with us how even with the current world situation, roles in the IT & MSP space are still highly in demand, and it would be a challenge to attract a good candidate especially when you think that the market is depressed, and you can under offer.  

Jon pointed out that with the skill scarcity in the IT & MSP space now, if you are looking at hiring a high-calibre talent, it is important that you adapt a mentality of “We need to work harder than before to attract the right talent”. 

We also discussed the two (2) types of talents in the IT & MSP space, they are: 

1. Active Job Seekers – they are actively searching for jobs to apply to 

2. Passive Job Seekers – relatively happy with their current jobs, and generally someone who fits your need, as they are most likely already doing the job that you need to be done. 

Ben talked about the cost of a bad hire being three times of that hire’s basic salary, so it is important that you nail the job description and specifications before recruiting someone. 

Ben also shared the top key points of IT & MSP recruitment, which includes the clarity of your hiring process, as there are times when a good candidate walks away because of a bad experience during the interview process.  

Jon discussed about the difference between the IT & MSP recruitment process and in the general corporate world. 

We also covered the different recruitment methods for IT & MSP businesses and their pros and cons, i.e., working with recruitment agencies, job boards, LinkedIn. 

I hope that this podcast has given you a better idea on how to recruit the next talent for your IT & MSP business. 

If you need a hand in your next MSP recruitment, feel free to contact the guys at JLA Resourcing Ltd, you can get in touch with them through LinkedIn: 

Ben Leeds – https://www.linkedin.com/in/benleedsrecruitmentdirector/ 

Jon Martin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonmartintechnologyrecruiter/ 

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Till next time, you look after yourself and I’ll catch up with you soon! 

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