How to ensure IT/MSP Business Growth Success in 2019

At the end of one year and the start of another, you always see a barrage of “Loose Weight Quick, Make 2019 a year to remember, Sell Sell Sell”. Many Business Growth products and services hit the media in an effort to capitalise on the over indulgence of Christmas and the fact that everone wants to make this year better than last.

In my last week of working in 2018, I took a large dose of my own medicine and for the first time properly stepped back from my own business. I had a look at what had gone well, what didn’t go well and more importantly, what I am going to do differently in 2019.

At the end of the day, Business Success is all about “DOING” the right things in the right order. If you don’t execute on your plans then you will always get what you have always got!

So what did I actually do?

In 2018 I made a significant investment and joined a Mastermind group, which to be frank was the best business decision I have ever made. Why was that? Quite simply because I wanted to challenge myself and play a bigger business game – I knew that there was more that I could do, I just needed to work out how to do it. I wanted to challenge my decision making to shortcut the route to my business success and it worked.

Why did it work? It worked because sometimes we get so caught up in our own world that we loose track of our overall business and personal objectives.

So, when I was swimming one morning, I realised that needed to do something different. I needed to form new Habits to stop all the S**t in my head getting in the way of focused action. Because IF I always did what I always did then…….you know the drill.

At the time of writing, It’s New Years Day 2019 and I am sitting in a beach-side cafe in Oliva, Spain on holiday with the family. Taking time out to enjoy the last bit of family time before we hit the ground running next week.

During the flight and downtime I am continuing to develop my business plans for the year ahead but more importantly not over complicating things. I have three main areas to focus on but lots of little NEW habits that I need to form to make sure that both my business and family life are a success this year. Some of these are around my health and well being, some around my own organisational skills and some relate directly to specific clients and niches.

The Year Ahead

I feel extremely positive for the year ahead, because I feel in control.

I have have broken my plans down with the main objective of not getting into overwhelm, maintaining my sanity and delivering outstanding results of my clients – all while keeping fit, healthy and having fun.

So in this blog, I urge you all to, STOP!

Take 5 and look at what you really want to achieve this year. Work out Who is going to help you, what new resources do you need and more importantly what are the small steps that you can take in your day to form new high quality habits to ensure your own success?

The IT Experts Growth Academy

One of my objectives last year was to develop and create a focused, quality group of serious IT/MSP Consultancy businesses to help them understand the fundamental steps to consultancy business growth success, so I set up the IT Experts Growth Academy – a FREE LinkedIn group that you can access here –

Inside the group you will find my FREE 5 Step Business Growth Mini Series – You don’t need to enter you email address and you get 5 PDF Action sheets to help you plan out your 2019. It would be great to see you in the group.

Enjoy the rest of your New Year and here is wishing you, your family and your business amazing success this year

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