3 Top Teambuilding Tips

Teambuilding Tips

Here I have 3 top teambuilding tips to help you build a better team. When you start out team building it is essential that you build your team and network in the right way from the outset. You need to create a solid foundation as this will keep them stable during time of stress and overwhelm. If you build the wrong team in the wrong way, they will let you down. If you build an unbalanced team, they won’t be able to support you and if you don’t know the capabilities of your team, then you wont know what they can achieve.

I have been managing and building various teams in various organisations for the last 22 years. At a very early age I was exposed to and had to adapt to many different types of people and how they behave in the work place. Yes, I have had some howling experiences, but also I have some amazing stories and experiences to share.

If you have a team that just don’t click, then you need to get them working better and slicker together quickly. If you have team members that just turn up to collect their pay cheque, then you need to coach them to demonstrate where they add value. It is frustrating because you know it should be easier than this and they should work better together, but they don’t! The future is all in your hands!

Below are three of my “Golden Nuggets” that are going to help you out, as long as you take the action and commit 100% of your focus on these tasks.

Tip 1
Understand the capabilities of the individual.

How well do you know you team? If you built them yourself then you are in a slightly better position, however, you must always take time to really get to know them as individuals. What makes them tick? What is their personal life like? Keep an eye on their body language. Learn how to identify when they are excited and enthused about a task and try to understand what it is they like about it. Conversely, you need to also work out and talk to them on a different level when you see signs of stress, strain and worry.

All the time that you spend really understanding their capabilities and needs, whether it be training or development, will be paid back to you with interest.

Tip 2
Treat others as THEY wish to be treated.

Don’t treat others the way that YOU wish to be treated, treat them the way that THEY wish to be treated. Its simple really as everyone is different and not everyone is the same as you. Everyone has different values, standards, beliefs and ways of doing things. This is exactly why we need a balance of different characters in a team. It is your job to know who they are and how they work.

This even goes down to the level of how they organise their own diary and calendar. So, like Nugget One, get to know the individual and more importantly how they wish to be treated. Really identify their individual style and treat them with the respect that they deserve.

Tip 3
“Show up” and be positive.

When you walk in the office in the office in the morning, don’t tell people that you are “Not Bad”! Tell them that you are GOOD!. You must be positive and have energy, even though some days you might not feel like it.

Also you must walk around with confidence and greet people with positivity. This behaviour will spread across your team and then flow onto others. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it will happen. As long as you have consistency. Many people find it hard to adapt and change, so to start with a nice level playing field of consistency. Be positive every day!

These 3 top teambuilding tips are integrated into my Drive programme. All of these tips come under the fifth section called EXECUTE, which is all about getting down to business and taking action.

Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know if this has helped you in any way, also to share it and tell your colleagues and help to spread the message.  Don’t forget to check out my other blogs to help you reach your personal and business goals – all the links are below.

Have a great day!

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