EP070 – Coaching Calls – Closing 16 Seats at £3k per Month

EP070 – Coaching Calls – Closing 16 Seats at £3k per Month

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Welcome to a special episode of the IT Experts Podcast – Coaching Calls series, where we share clients’ successes during our Mastermind peer group meetings. 

In today’s episode, we share with you how to close 16 seats at £3000 per month. 

One of my clients had a situation wherein their client was in a somehow messy situation themselves. Now, my client had limiting beliefs around his abilities to sell and offer value, and he then phoned me for some coaching then I helped him get that confidence and successfully close. 

This episode is short but will surely offer you a ton of value.

At IT Experts, we get up every morning to help IT & MSP Businesses thrive, IF you’re looking to take your business to your next level and don’t know where to start, then let’s connect and we can organise some free support.   

All you need to do to learn more is click this link :- https://innovatetosuccess.com/free-support   

If we’re not connected already, let’s connect on LinkedIn, YouTube and over here at our website, innovatetosuccess.com  

Alternatively, you can drop me an email at info@innovatetosuccess.com  

Until next time, you look after yourself and I’ll catch up with you soon! 

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