EP065 – Essential MSP Disaster Recovery Tips with Melvyn White from Axcient and Ian Luckett

EP065 - Essential MSP Disaster Recovery Tips with Melvyn White from Axcient and Ian Luckett

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In this episode of the IT Experts podcast, we are joined by Axcient’s Melvyn White as we talk about top MSP disaster recovery tips and why is it important, what steps can you, as an MSP business owner can adapt and do to prepare for any unprecedented events or disasters in your business. 

We talked about how planning and processes play a critical role in disaster recovery, especially in this past year or so.  

Melvyn also mentioned about how important it is to “Plan for the worst-case scenario!”. Your team should not be only thinking about point products and point solutions but how these products and solutions fit into a plan and how to execute this plan to counter disasters. 

He also shared with us his 4 step MSP business continuity and disaster recovery process. They are: 

1. Create a comprehensive risk assessment and business impact analysis – Look at potential risks and their impacts on your business.  

2. Hardware and software Inventory – A comprehensive disaster recovery programme should include a thorough analysis of what you own and how you use it. 

3. Set up an Instant Response Team – This ideally must be comprised of the members of the IT team; they are the men and women with the expertise to repairs those servers, troubleshoot software, and can get you back online ASAP. 

4. Keep the Disaster Recovery Plan Ready – Do not keep it a secret. It must be accessible especially during an emergency. 

As they say, a winning effort begins with preparation.  

Hope you enjoy this episode, and you learn from these MSP disaster recovery tips. How many of these have you already adapted into your MSP business? 

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