EP038 – How to Take Your MSP from 6-7 Figures to Sold with Pete Matheson & Ian Luckett

EP038 - How to Take Your MSP From 6-7 Figures to Sold with Pete Matheson and Ian Luckett

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In this episode of the IT Experts Podcast, Pete Matheson shares with us, based on his experience, the different stages of MSP business growth, from setting it up, growing to six figures, seven figures, and then to SOLD. 

Pete Matheson talked about how he came into the decision of selling his seven figure MSP business, even after swearing not to. 

We also tackled how the most important currency right now is TIME, and how important it is how and where you spend your time. 

Pete shared his long journey taking his MSP business from “Start up” to selling it just before the Covid 19 pandemic hit the world last year. He says that he can’t pinpoint a specific technique that he used in growing his business but says that the growth was slow and steady. 

We talked about how it takes more than a video marketing campaign, lead generation, or any sales technique to take your MSP business to the next level. You need to constantly adapt to the everchanging market. 

Pete also shares how important it is to learn what your clients’ problems are, so that you can provide the right solutions for those. Doing so will help you build your confidence as a tech business leader. 

He also talked about how important it is for any IT and MSP business owner to make a concerted effort to improve. 

We discussed the importance of focusing on your people and your clients happiness, and mental health. 

To learn more about Officevibe, a platform where you can send your team for mental health awareness courses or first aid courses, (and it will also tell you whether you are a good boss) click here: https://officevibe.com/ 

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