Understanding Lead Generation Fundamentals for IT & MSP Businesses

Understanding Lead Generation Fundamentals for Tech Businesses

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In this blog, I share with you the different elements to Lead Generation fundamentals that once mastered will help your phone to ring and your email to ping with new leads. Inherently, IT & MSP Business owners have always struggled to relate to the Non-technical language that people ‘Buy” from. 

was discussing these principles with one of my Mastermind clients the other day and during that conversation, we filled the whiteboard with the whole process and that’s what this short read is all about.  

After reading this blog you will have a clear idea of how the Lead Generation process is structured and have a greater understanding of its inner mechanics and how to apply it in your business to help you generate more leads. 

Here are 6 steps that I took my client through to help them build their understanding of the Lead Generation Fundamentals 

1. Who is it that you’re aiming your products services and solutions at?   

  • Who is the person that you can help with your offering 
  • What size of business are they?  
  • How many employees do they have? 
  • Where do they live? 

 You’ll need to get really crystal clear on this because it’s a key question and you must know who you are talking to.

2. After you’ve decided who you’re talking to, the next part is knowing what they really want. And this doesn’t mean what you flick straight into sales mode. This is about THEM and what actually want deep down in their hearts 

 What end result are they looking for? 

  • How does it make them feel when they get it 
  • You need to dig much deeper than the surface problem that is causing them issues today 

 Is it more about security of their dataor connectivity of their networkit may be making sure that your solution provides resilience, that kind of thing?  

 It’s important to know what they want so you can map this to the services you provide. 

3. Next, we need to dig really deep into their pain points. Unfortunately, if there is no pain then there is no sale. Here we need to get a deep understanding of what is going on in their business right now. 

 Identify what are the things they need to fix? 

  • What’s keeping them awake at night, i.e. the system going down, being hacked, cyber-security issues, etc, etc. 
  • What threats are they facing that prevents them from delivering to their customers? 

This is where we get to the roots of their problems.  

By now we should know 3 key building blocks to lead generation fundamentalswho you’re aiming at, what they want, and what pain they are in.  

 4. The next step in IT & MSP Lead Generation fundamentals is where you put together your big “HOW”. How are you going to move them out of pain and into pleasure?  

 Work out what it is that you do and how you help them 

  • What is your model for your system or process 
  • What is its name, does it have a process flow and a logical journey that you take your prospects through.  

Knowing how you meet their need is a very important part of this. Now what you need to do is put all together in a plan of action 

 5. Once you have your actions into that plan, the next step is around helping them to learn more about you by creating some great values-based content.  

 Not only that, but each and every piece needs to contain quality information and strategies that perfectly resonate with your target market 

 You’ll start delivering information that relates to your plan, relates to their pain, and relates to what they want because you have now demonstrated that you know exactly what they need because you have taken time to research this.  

 6. Once you’ve had this model mapped out, you can then begin your approach to connect with them. What you will find is that your message will land much easier and they will be more receptive to open up and talk to you because you will be “talking their language” 

 Key steps here are to:  

 Decide what approach you are going to take, will it be online or offline  

  • Identify people you know who may also know your prospects. 
  • Work out where they congregate, either on or offline, what groups are they part ofEtc etc  

 The really powerful thing about this is that once you understand these IT & MSP lead generation fundamentals, and you have a robust outreach campaign in place which is peppered with quality value-based content, then the magic starts to happen and the phone starts to ring! 

Your website and social media outlets start talking the same language and this is mirrored through your LinkedIn profile and all your social media profiles. 

 This is has been a real quick whistle-stop tour to help IT & MSP Businesses understand the lead generation fundamentals. If you re-read this blog and start to get your own plan together by following these simple steps, then you will start to see your pipeline filling up. 

At IT Experts, Ian  Luckett, we help you “Techie” business owners to stop thinking about your coding, systems, and technical processes and encourage them to think outside the box. 

We have our own private group, the IT Experts Community, where we help IT & MSP business owners every day to speed up their Lead Generation by connecting sharing, and learning what is working right now in this space. You can check it out by clicking here https://bit.ly/ITE-COMM  

Alternately, let’s organise a quick call so we can get to know each other’s businesses better. You can do that just HERE. 

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