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Who is Ian Luckett?

I am an expert in business and personal productivity strategies that will help you and your organisation, increase your productivity, reduce unhealthy stress all while getting your well deserved work life balance.

I have worked out that your mindset is the key to success in business. Your salary, career path and business performance is primarily determined by the value that you bring to an organisation. As long as this is at the forefront of your mind every single day then your personal growth and earning potential will never be limited


I have 20 years experience in coaching and mentoring others in a corporate and professional environment in blue chip companies. All with the main objective of helping you work towards your work life balance. Through years of self development, learning and mindset adjustment, I have achieved so much more than I have ever imagined, just by thinking and acting in a different way. I use my real life tried and tested strategies within my DRIVE Personal Business Development programme that you can access on this site.

I have adapted my coaching and teaching styles over the years to suit individual and specific circumstances, while maintaining simple and structured programmes and techniques. The outcome has been a recipe for an improved quality of life and success in many aspects of my personal and business life.

I have been married for 20 years and have an amazing family, which is my “Why”

If you’re struggling to manage a busy executive or management position alongside your family life or just want to stop watching those “lucky” people get what they want, then I can help you regain control in both your personal and business areas of your life and position you ready for sustainable success.

There is no point working hard all your life only to be a running around a wheel not investing and progressing in your future. You need to work smarter and you need to keep learning.

If you’re prepared to challenge yourself, take action, think more like an entrepreneur and collect the things that you deserve then get involved and get in touch.

Alternatively if you are happy in your role and can quite work out why you keep missing the career opportunities and promotions, then I can also help you out with that.

There are so many considerations that we need to allow for when businesses make decisions and many of these revolve around our own personality. Of late we have seen increase in awareness of Personal Brand, the use of Self Awareness in coaching and also Diversity and Inclusiveness.

I can help you work through these obstacles to get exactly what you want out of your career, whether it to stay in your organisation or move to a new one.

Client Testimonials

Since I have been working on the 60 day Success System,  there have been huge changes in both my personal life and with my business – Ian has been instrumental in helping me focus and channel my energy and effort into areas in my business and personal life that were lacking. I am now more organised and structured. My business has already started seeing the benefits. I would recommend that everybody who wants to grow their business has a chat with Ian – it’s been a life changing for me. – Jo Wareham – The Little Branding Company

Client Testimonials

Ian is a truly genuine person; I have been working with Ian for the last 18 months on some really interesting and complex projects. He brings innovation and “out of the box” thinking to what can be seen as an everyday process.

He uses his vast interpersonal skill set to coach and mentor his team as well as others to obtain maximum business and personal performance. – John Kettley – Business Turnaround Specialist

Client Testimonials

I have known Ian for 7 years and he is one of the most energetic leaders I know. He clearly understands what he wants to achieve out of a task and has this ability to apply himself and his strategies 100%.

He is constantly looking for ways to better himself and any teams around him and he does this with structure and purpose. Ian’s greatest strength lie in his ability to identify coaching opportunities and mentor others to achieve their goalsEmma Nicholls MBA

Client Testimonials

Ian is passionate about and committed to working with individuals and organisations alike to help them identify opportunity and hidden capabilities.

His coaching and mentoring skills ensure he does not personally dominate the process but actively wraps around his charge to help others deliver and thus take responsibility for actions and outcomes – as evidenced by his excellent Drive System.

Ian’s entrepreneurial approach and leadership style plays well to supporting individuals and organisations well through change processes emerging the other side as either a member or leader of a high performing team. – Helen Wain – Head of Procurement

Client Testimonials

Ian is coaching me through a career change. I find the methods that he uses are straight forward yet effective and I can honestly recommend him as a coach and mentor. He has a great ability to break down complex situations and then rebuild them into a plan of action that leads to goal attainment. 
Ian inspires confidence through coaching techniques that provide you with the tools required to achieve your goals. What shines through the most is Ian’s genuine sincerity, he really cares that you are successful with your business and your career. –Paul Armstrong – Investment Banking

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