EP040 – REBRAND the Podcast! Introducing Business Experts Growth Academy Podcast with Ian Luckett

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We are rebranding Innovate to Success’ podcast. As you may have noticed in our recent updates, we have launched two new programmes, Business Experts and IT Experts! With this, we have also come to realise that we have to update the podcast in order to really reach out to our niche market.

This week we are officially launching the Business Experts Growth Academy Podcast – geared towards tips and tricks on how to take your business consultancies to the next level. So stay tuned for more relevant episodes for you guys in business consultancies.

In this episode, I talk about why we have rebranding the podcast – that we are niching to business and IT consultancies because we want to give you specific solutions and not general solutions to your organisational problems.

I also share with you the two NEW Innovate to Success brands, Business Experts and IT Experts, who belongs to which brand and how we can help you take your business to the next level.

We also cover in this episode how important it is to understand that running a business and working on a business are two entirely different things.

I am also sharing with you some important aspects that we address in Business Experts, they are:

  1. You all sell expert information and knowledge to your clients.
  2. How to manage people better.
  3. Nailing your customer service so that your clients become your unpaid trained sales force.
  4. That’s you are a high profit business.
  5. We can be diverse and be flexible and meet our clients’ solutions quicker!

Guest Details

To contact me, feel free to e-mail ian@innovatetosuccess.com.

Links and Resources

Click here to access my FREE presentation and action PDF on How to Grow Your Business in 30 Minutes – https://goo.gl/Pd3iWs

Click here to access the Business Experts Web Page – https://goo.gl/81ncjB


Running a business and working in a business are two completely different things.  – Ian Luckett


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