EP021 – Why Marketing is Only About Value and Leads with Terry Forsey and Ian Luckett

EP021 - Why Marketing is Only About Value and Leads with Terry Forsey and Ian Luckett

In this episode of the IT Experts podcast, we are joined by Terry Forsey, a sales and marketing expert as we talk about the backbone of effective marketing and why now for the IT, MSP, and Tech Community that all efforts should be placed on adding Value and nurturing your Leads.  


Terry emphasises that your website is and should be at the center of your marketing efforts.  


If your website isn’t fit for purpose, no matter how much you spend on ads, Google, social media — they are all going to waste. 


We also discussed how in this day and age marketing is no longer one job. Marketing is now all about being a good writer, good designer, having lots of social media skills, SEO, email, Pay Per Click video, HTML, event, etc. 


Terry also talked about the only two reasons why people buy, and that is to increase their sales or reduce their costs. 


He also shared with us his winning marketing methodology which is the ATTRACT, ENGAGE, NURTURE, CLOSE method. It follows: 


  1. Attract – How to Attract attention by increasing online activity and social interaction 


  1. Engage – Turning Visitors into Leads by creating interest and capture new contacts  


  1. NurtureEducating and building credibility. Moving leads to awareness and creates sales leads  


  1. Close-  Essentially closing sales deals, creating new customers, and building incremental sales  


We also covered the different online marketing channels, each organisation’s target market may be on different social media platforms and we need to focus on the ones that matter when growing your IT, MSP, or Tech Business 


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