EP019 – How to Build a High Performing Remote Technical Team with Ian Luckett 

How to Build a High Performing Remote Technical Team

In this episode of the IT Experts Podcast, I share with you a few secrets on How to Build a High Performing Remote Technical Team. This will help you to increase their productivity and employee engagement and when you master all this, you will ultimately see an increase in your profitability. 


It has been a few difficult months in business since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and most businesses have had to adapt to the new normal very quickly, which for most involves social distancing and working remotely. 


I have spent the past 20+ years developing leadership roles in the business that focuses on making sure that members of staff feel includedimportant, and productive 


What’s critical here is that by adopting a few Leadership fundamentals when leading your teams, you can now have a high performing team that can also be remote. 


Here are the main elements of this show: 


1. Have a Clear Structure – Everybody must know where they stand in the business and who they report to. 


2. Performance Management – You need to have a way of recognising brilliancewho is working hard at propelling the business forward.  You also need a way to address the other end of the spectrum when things aren’t going well and performance dips. 


3. Training and Capacity – Develop a competency matrix and identify what skills your team has and what training they need. 


4. Get the Right Tech – This can boil down to their internet speed, their hardware, software. Make sure that the tools they are using work and promote a productive workspace. 


5. Employee Engagement – This is the one sign of a great leader, maksure your team is engaged and wants to drive the business forward because they have a purpose. 


6. Empower Each Other – Make sure that your team knows what they are doing right and give them a platform to provide feedback. 


7. Have a Social – Have a regular social meeting to help build your team’s relationship and keep them in a positive mindset. 


8. Mental Health and Wellbeing –Working remotely can have an effect on an employee’s wellbeingidentify when things are not going well, and set up mechanisms to deal with issues as and when they arise.  


I hope you enjoyed this episode; let me know which sections you are already adapting in your own business, and which ones will you be adapting soon. 


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