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Bespoke support for your bespoke Business

As an ambitious business owner of a high growth IT or Tech Business, we understand the pains that you can and will endure during the different stages of trying to scale and get a grip on your business.

We also know that everyone is different and learns in different ways and at different paces.

That’s why Private Client is something special and the next level in terms of short cutting your route to getting your business ready for growth.

We will work together in a close and intimate 1:1 nature to ensure you and your team keep on track and achieve your goals.

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So that you can gauge if Private Client is right for you and your business, we have put together a super Quick Quiz to help you out!

Below are a few questions that I challenge you to ask yourself and for a bit of fun, we have put a score to each question and this score will give you a quick idea on whether we feel that we can help YOU out.

Answer the questions below honestly and take note of the individual score for each answer. Then sum them up at the end and see how you did.

Give it a try and if you want to improve your score, your profits and your business, then I invite you to simply get in touch for a chat.

Just click on the link at the bottom to arrange for your FREE 20 Minute (absolutely No Obligation) Business Review.

Question 1:

How much confidence do you have in your forward Sales Pipeline?

Score 4 – Lots
Score 3 – A Little
Score 2 – None
Score 1 – I don’t have a Sales Pipeline

Question 2:

Is your Leadership Team aligned with structured accountable targets? 

Score 4 – Yes
Score 3 – Sort of
Score 2 – No
Score 1 – I don’t need anyone else to run my business, I can do it all myself!

Question 3:

Do you know your return on investment of your Sales & Marketing activities?

Score 4 – Yes
Score 3 – Kind of?
Score 2 – No
Score 1 – We don’t do any Marketing!

Question 4:

How often do you review the performance of your business?

4 – Weekly

Question 5:

How much quality spare time do you have each week to spend with your friends and family?

4 – Over 10 hours
3 – 5  to 10 hours

If your TOTAL:


is between 15 – 18:

Well Done! You have a good grasp on your business! Congratulations!

If your TOTAL:


is between 10 – 14:

There is potentially more that you could do to improve and develop your business!”

Let’s connect to see how we can help.

If your TOTAL:

 is 9 and below :

We can certainly help you and I guarantee that we will be able to quickly identify some quick wins for you to focus on.

Click the link below to book your Call back.

Client Testimonials

Ian is a great facilitator and coach – making the right and possibly best introductions of colleagues to each other. Ian listens and makes the time to understand his clients and the business issues they may be facing – his solutions, advice, and support are bespoke and yet straight forward. He is passionate about what he does and that shows. Genuinely nice guy and someone who can be trusted with a whole host of business development issues. Ian helps his clients achieve their goals – more often than not drilling down into the granularity of the business, especially when it comes to niching and “super niching”, he helps you build your confidence in an area unknown to many IT Businesses. Whether you are new to business and/or entrepreneurship, I would recommend Ian as the go-to man for business development and support. Anna Heim – Ares Risk Management

Client Testimonials

I wanted to get some help with the way my business was structured, advice on how I was running it and the direction that it is heading. I was looking for an experienced mentor with a background specifically in IT. Sometimes when you run a tech business you can lose focus on what your business is actually about and who it serves, so it’s really useful to get an outside perspective. Ian was recommended to me by one of my LinkedIn connections, I had a phone call with Ian and his focus on helping IT companies and the fact that there are regular meetings really made him stand out from the others I’d spoken to. We initially carried out a business review and this gave me the chance to align everything in my company. We now have documented processes and it’s far clearer what we do and who we serve. I would highly recommend engaging with Ian and his community if you want to scale your IT & Tech-based businessBrent Jenkins – Anterec Ltd

Client Testimonials

I have been working with Ian for the last 2 years and it all started when he suggested we ran a Full Business Performance Review Session. Before the meeting I didn’t really know what to expect, however very quickly his process opened my eyes in terms of potentially opportunities for cost reductions and ways to increase my revenue. The scary thing was that these elements were actually right in front of me. The outcome is that I now have clarity on what the business needs to focus on a daily basis and also a plan to increase my revenue to enable us to employ a larger team to support my clients. I am now genuinely excited about the future and achieving the goals we set.Andy Sheppard – Omicron Solutions Limited

Client Testimonials

If you want to take your IT Business forward then the IT Experts Mastermind is a “No Brainer”. Ian has helped generate and close more business as a result of the simplicity of his IT Experts Model. I would highly recommend the Mastermind Group and the Tech Community that he is creating. - Neil Kemp – Managing Director – Network & Security Limited

Client Testimonials

Due to Ian’s experience in IT Business strategy he was able to easily look at my organisation from a completely different angle. He offered many alternative suggestions and ideas to help me and my business grow. By being challenging yet supportive, he gave me confidence as we developed a three stage plan to systematically grow my business over the coming years. I would highly recommend connecting with Ian to see how he can help others in this space. - Nelson S – Business Intelligence

Client Testimonials

I came on Ian's course because I am on the process of scaling up my business and the knowledge that I learnt from Ian will help me take the business to the next level. My biggest takeaway from the day was learning how to measure my business. I have been using business coaches in the past and I found Ian's approach much more direct and a lot more bespoke to me, and there's simply no BS, just straight forward tactic. - Maciek Oleksiak - IT Consultant

Client Testimonials

Ian is the man when it comes to helping IT businesses to thrive. He’s got an extremely business brain, but also has a heart of gold. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any IT Expert who wants to grow their business and income. He recently spoke at our Expert Empires event, and it’s been a real pleasure to see his business grow year on year as part of our Mastermind programme. I’m excited to continue working closely with him in the years ahead. - Nick James – Creator of Experts Empires

Client Testimonials

Working with Ian has been one of the best business decisions we have made. He is experienced in looking at a business from a different pair of eyes and instantly identified revenue generating tasks that helped increased our profit margin from day one. As a result, we are now more organised and in control of our business the ROI of working with Ian and his systems has far exceeded our expectations. - Toby Limbrick and Stuart Elliot – Network Auctions

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