EP010 – Using Data to Scale your Business with AJ Yager of Praxis Metrics and Ian Luckett

Using Data to Scale Your Business

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In this episode I share with you another key element that you need to do to help you scale your business, using data to scale your business. By understanding this, you will have the advantage and the opportunity to take your IT and Tech Business to the next level.

In this episode, I had the privilege to interview AJ Yager of Praxis Metrics Data from Austin, Texas. He will be sharing with us loads of tips on how you can learn, understand and implement Data Analysis that will help your clients grow and succeed their IT and Tech Businesses which will add value to your organization.

The purpose of this episode is to help business owners understand how Data works.

Why Data is important and how a deeper understanding on how we can analyse it in terms of Data Analysis can help Business owners succeed with their IT and Tech Businesses.

Ian shared that for most of the business owners apparently don’t understand or have an idea what data they’ve got and how to use it.

According to AJ, Data is simply information. This will help business owners become well-informed.

Moreover, Data is the key to gaining information, knowledge, wisdom and that helps you scale your business and do your job better.

He added, it is extremely valuable to know your numbers and of course, to take action.

As business owners, you are constantly making decision and with that why not use that learning and use it to become better. Data will help Business owners make better and right decision. Thus, it’s all about taking action with the data that you have.

With this, you must ask your clients “What are your biggest Problems?” from there you can build relationships and drive bigger opportunities by knowing how to solve their biggest problems.

Apparently, there are lots of ways to use the data but the number one thing that we used it for is to drive a better decision. This is to really change the behaviour within the organization.

Other Key points we talked about are:

  • Typical types of Data and how to use it.
  • Steps that you need to ask and know to help your Business grow.
  • Lifetime Customer Value

ITS Quick Fire Round

If you are to bottle one part of your business journey and sell it. What would it be and why? 

Our Knowledge/Brains. In a way to teach people to think about this, understand and to take action with the data that they get.

What is your biggest learning / regret about scaling your business? 

Hiring team members – where we had the most mistakes and a biggest learning.

What is your favourite app on your phone and why? 

AJ: Prime Mind & Do Not Disturb App – if I want to focus on my life and my business.

Guest Details 

 To contact AJ, visit their website at praxismetrics.com

If you’re looking to scale your IT & MSP business and you don’t know where to start, just navigate and explore here on our website www.innovatetosuccess.com where we’ve got a whole load of tips, tricks, strategies and community to help you grow and scale your IT and your MSP business.

You can also download the e-book by clicking this link – https://tiny.cc/ITE-Ebook19


 Data doesn’t need to be complicated. This means that by understanding your data, knowing your numbers, and by knowing your business can then help you implement your business growth. – Ian Luckett

Every business is one data away from exponential growth hence know your numbers. – AJ Yager

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