EP009 – Straight talking IT Contract Management with Tiffany Kemp and Ian Luckett

IT Contract Management

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In this episode I share with you why using and utilising the right IT Contract Management will have a huge impact into the growth of your IT and Tech Businesses and potentially help you also when the “Chips are down”.

Today I talked with Tiffany Kemp – CEO and Founder of Devant Limited.

We share some business saving tips and tricks and strategies all around Business Contracts that you need to know that will help your business grow and run smoothly.

When talking about Contracts, people generally use this as some sort of weaponry or an Insurance policy. When really it should be treated as a relationship that guides and helps both you and your customers to do the right thing.

According to Tiffany, when Business owners know how to approach the conversation and then do it the right way, this will help your business grow rather than running into unforeseen risks.

She added that, Devant had a mission to help businesses use the right contracts to help them build great value to their customers.

It is so important that you are being transparent with your Contract to your customers so that both parties can set a proper expectation with one another.

Other key topics we talked about are:

  • Getting the best contract for your employees and how to protect yourself from others who try to poach your key staff.
  • Termination of Contract by Clients.
  • Do’s and Don’ts that you need to consider in setting up contracts.
  • Contracts in terms of Cyber Security.
  • Protecting your IP.

ITS Quick Fire Round

1) If you were to ‘bottle’ one part of your business journey and sell it, what would that be and why?

Having the courage with your convictions to say what you believe to be true.

2) What is your biggest learning/regret and advice to listeners when scaling their business?

To hangout with other key people who knows stuff that you don’t.

3) What is your favourite App on your phone and Why?

Waze and voice recorder on my phone.

Guest Details

If you need some help on anything contractual, you can contact Tiffany Kemp at Devant Limited for FREE 30 minutes of support. You can find out more about Devant at https://devant.co.uk


Devant are running a Negotiation Skills Course that you can find out more about here on the link below and Tiffany has kindly given a 20% discount off of any TiffCo Contract Law or Contract Negotiation course: find out more here https://tiffanykemp.com/shop/

Just enter the code IAN2020 now up until 30th of April 2020.

Links and Resources

If you are looking to scale your IT / Tech Consultancy Business and don’t know where to start, then also check out the IT Experts Growth Accelerator on our website by clicking HERE.

You can also download the e-book by clicking this link – https://tiny.cc/ITE-Ebook19


It is very important that when you are growing your business, you have to be clear understanding about what you are bringing to the party and also what your customers are bringing to the party. Then you can work out how to serve them better – Tiffany Kemp

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