EP072 – Knowing Your MSP Numbers with Adam Morris & Ian Luckett

EP072 - Knowing Your MSP Numbers with Adam Morris & Ian Luckett WP

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In this episode of the IT Experts Podcast, we are joined by Adam Morris of The MSP Finance Team, and together we talk about money and knowing your MSP numbers. 

As usual, we kick off the episode with Adam sharing with us about who he is, what he does, and who he helps. Adams goes us through his journey from owning an MSP to running The MSP Finance Team, a company that helps MSP owners manage money. 

Adam and I quickly chat about how managing finances well in an MSP business is as important as the operations. Adam also shares that the most transformative thing that happened in their business was educating and bringing up to speed the service directors and service team members from the financial perspective. 

Then, I ask Adam what things MSP owners should consider in building a bulletproof financial system. He says that building a solid foundation is the key and getting the basics right is the first step. Getting solid data and having solid month-end processes which means looking at the data on a month-by-month basis, is the key thing. 

We then continued on to talk about reporting. Adam strongly believes that having insight into what’s actually going on with your MSP numbers can really help everything you know. You have the foundation and data, you’re all set. The data is there to help make the right decisions. 

For the highlight of this episode, I then ask Adam about some tips and things to look out for MSPs of less than £250K turnover, between £250K and £1 Million turnover, and the ones with more than £1 Million turnover. Here are Adam’s tips: 

  1. £250K – It’s all about cashflow 
  1. £250K – £1 Million – Understand margins and sales opportunity. 
  1. Over £1 Million – Hold leadership heads to account on the financial goals. 

Of course, Adam explains them one by one and why those key points are important in that particular MSP company turnover. 

To wrap up the episode, Adam and I quickly talk about analytics for your KPIs. Adam says that gross margin and service gross margin are the two key things and then went on to explain why they are important. 

I hope you enjoyed this episode. Finance may be boring, but you aren’t going to run a business without it, so it’s important to understand and know your MSP numbers. 

You can reach out to Adam through his email at adam@mspfinanceteam.com 

Get to know The MSP Finance Team by visiting their website, just click here – https://www.mspfinanceteam.com/  

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