EP024 – The Importance of Finding Your Company Values with Ian Luckett

EP024 - The Importance of Finding Your Company Values with Ian Luckett

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In this episode of the IT Experts Podcast, I talk to you today about the understanding and importance of finding your own Company Values in your IT& MSP Businesses.  

Today, I share with you the steps that I take with my clients to help them understand, create and share their own company values with their teams.  

Once you have identified your own values, then it will help you to create and build your own company culture and this will also help build employee engagement and performance. In addition to this, it also helps your prospects and clients identify what type of organisation.

Probably the most powerful part of identifying your values is that you can then measure and call out individual team members’ performance against each value and. This could be for rewarding good behaviour and also addressing when things aren’t going quite right. 

Years ago, no one really talked about Company Values, but as we develop through the latter years, people are starting to understand how our values help to create a culture and strengthen our people strategy. 

Amongst other things on the show that I’ve talked about:

  • (H2H) Human to Human Communication 
  • The IT Experts Company Values 
  • Steps to create the Company Values 

These steps are :  

Step 1 – Create Between 3-7 Core Values 

Step 2 – Understanding your own values 

Step 3 – What are the Company values 

Step 4 – Cloning Employees 

Step 5 – Select the ones that suits better for your Business 

Step 6 – Define the Company Values 

Step 7 – Involve your Team 

Step 8 – Chat with your team and ask if we have missed anything out 

Once you have mastered your Company Values, you can use these to help support the vision that you are aiming for in your business in the future.  

This can impart to your team to help your people perform more for your Business and making sure that whatever it is that you are doing it should align to what the company stands for. 


So that’s pretty much it for me today.   

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Till next time, you look after yourself and I’ll catch up with you soon! 

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