EP023 – Email Fundamentals Get Opened, Clicked and Responded to with Yusuf McNulty

EP023 - Email Fundamentals Get Opened, Clicked and Responded to with Yusuf McNulty WP

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Email fundamentals, that’s what we are covering today.

And one of the best ways of earning data is building your own email list.

Once you have  your own email list, that’s something that you can export, you can back up, you can put it on a hard drive, you can put it in the cloud, you can put it in multiple places, and you can keep it up to date.


Moreover, the fact Mac reminds us that that email is an extremely private form of communication, its basically a one to one conversation with someone who could be your potential client.


Amongst other things on the show,we talked about;


  1. The fundamentals of Email Marketing, what are the top three things that people need to consider.
  2. What else are the key points that we need to understand from an email marketing point of view?
  3. What are some of the key steps to know when building your CRM and nurturing your leads?
  4. What are the types of content that we should put out there that adds value to the recipient?
  5. What’s the difference between Email Automation vs Broadcast Emails
  6. What different Email platforms are out there.



It’s only a short podcast, but it’s full of Value Bombs as usual! all to help you get a better understanding on how Email Marketing works and how it can definitely help your IT, MSP, and Tech Business.


I hope you enjoy the show!


You can contact Mac by joining his email list “bit.ly/join-MacMail” you can also find him on Facebook by searching for Yusuf McNulty


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And we’ll be more than happy to put some content together to help you out.  


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That’s it for me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show. 


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