EP022 – How a Peer Support Group Can Help You Scale Your Business with Ian Luckett

Peer Support Group to Help You Scale Your Business

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In this episode of the IT Experts podcast, I want to talk to you about probably one of the most powerful things that’s helped me grow my business, build confidence, build accountability, get results for my clients, which is all about the peer to peer support group, which can help you scale your business as well! 

So, what is a peer support group and how does it work 

Business Owners peer groups have been around for many, many years I first heard of them while I was reading Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. 

It’s basically where business owners come together, build trust, build rapport, and share with each other the challenges and successes in their businesses. This powerful combination of connection and knowledge helps them to grow their businesses and to make business not such a lonely place. 

In this episode, I run through some of the key elements of a good peer group and how they work.  

Among other things I talk about: 

 1. Growth and Giving mindset and how it had a big impact towards the business. 

 2. Different types of peer groups. 

 3. Peer Group format 

 4. Overall Peer group concept 

 5. The Shiny Ball Syndrome 

 6. The importance of staying on track and having that accountability  

 7. My own peer group “The IT Experts Mastermind” 

So, it’s only a short podcast that I just wanted to just explain a little bit more about peer groups and how they work. I would absolutely love for you to come and experience how the IT experts Masterminds work. 

 I would absolutely love for you to come and experience how the IT Experts Mastermind work. 

All you need to do on this is just click the link HERE (https://innovatetosuccess.com/mm-experience/)  and you’ll see there the brochure and you’ll be able to learn more about how  IT Experts Mastermind can help you take your business to your next level.  

And that’s pretty much it for me today. I’d love for you to go and check out some of the other podcasts over on the podcast page on the website https://innovatetosuccess.com/podcast/

And if there’s anything that you’d like to see if there’s anything you’d like to hear, see whether you’re on YouTube https://youtu.be/1cIFVb3ck2E or whether you’re on an audio version, then just drop us an email  at info@innovatetosuccess.com or put us a message through the website.  

And we’ll be more than happy to put some content together to help you out.  

You can also download our E-book How to Grow Your IT & Tech Business by clicking this link – http://tiny.cc/ITE-Ebook19    

That’s it for me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show. 

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