EP020 – Understanding IT Business Growth Strategies 101 with Ian Luckett

EP020 - Understanding IT Business Growth Strategies 101 with Ian Luckett

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In this episode of the IT Experts podcast, we talk about my 5 key steps to understand business strategies to help you grow your IT, MSP & Tech Business.   

You will learn, how do business strategies work in the tech space? What are its key elements?  and also, if it is really as much HARD work as most would believe? (Nope!) 

 Get your notepad ready for this episode that’s full of useful tips and tricks that you can easily follow and use in your IT and Tech business. 

  But before anything else, let me just remind you that your people are the main engine of your organisation. No matter how good your business strategy is, if you’re people are not aligned, not focused, not sharing the same directions as you, and you’re not supporting them, your business strategies won’t do much.  

 That is why we have developed the People Performance Programme to share with you what you can do to have a better team.  

 Here are my top tips on this: 

  Have Strong Leadership – Be a strong, consistent leader.

  1. Only Quality People – Hire people that supports and works hard for the business.
  2. Efficient Systems and Processes – You need to have clear systems and processes that help your team to work efficiently.
  3. Robust Reporting – Helps you monitor that everything in your organisation works! 

  To better understand how business strategies work in your IT and Tech business, I’ve broken it down into 5 bite-sized chunks, they are: 

  Strategy is a methodology – Look at your values, vision, and mission statements.

  1. Have a Growth Mindset – unless you have a mindset to grow, all strategies won’t necessarily work.
  2. Employee Engagement (Culture that you set!) – Understand how important leading people is rather than managing people. 
  3. Have a Planning System – Set a compass for where you want to take your business.
  4. Measurement – What gets measured gets done. What gets measured and reported gets done even quicker and in a higher quality.

  Once you’ve understood these steps, you’ll have a better handle on what you’re doing on your business and you will realise that taking your business to the next level isn’t as complicated as you thought it was. 

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