EP015 – Using Video to Increase Client Acquisition with John Allard and Ian Luckett

Using Video to Increase Client Acquisition

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In this episode I share with you another important element that will help your IT and Tech Business grow and succeed – the power of Video Marketing in Customer/Client acquisition.  

In this very special edition of the IT Experts Podcast, I talked with John Allard – founder of The Video News Factory Ltd in Milton Keynes. 

 Today, you will learn the importance of using the right video for your Marketing strategy in making your content marketing, website brand building and all other different elements to help you through with your IT and Tech Business. 

 The purpose of this episode is to explain and share with you why videos are important and effective in the whole marketing strategy and how videos boost customer acquisition. 

 In our modern world, video is king. Online video consumption continues to rise at an astonishing pace because people are watching videos on the internet all the time. 

 As video marketing becomes more affordable and widespread, it’s becoming easier for smaller businesses to leverage the power of video and acquire more customers.   

With a smart, focused video marketing strategy, you’ll be able to engage with potential leads more effectively, increase conversion rates, and drive more sales. 

According to John, a new era has evolved, allowing each brand to become a broadcaster.  

  You‘ve got to know your audience, program schedules and most importantly you must be consistent in you content. If you’ve got listeners and viewers, you’ll want to keep and grow them. 

  ALWAYS CREATE A HOOK –  a contract between you and your viewers promising to deliver them value  by offering them something powerful and interesting if they keep tuned in  for the next 10-20mins because if not what’s even the point of being there. 

 You must have that Wow Factor, the sense of empowerment. Having a powerful media presence that affects the beliefs of your viewers. Delivering the right values or message to your clients. 

 Other topics we’ve talked about are:  

  • Most common type of video use in Marketing. 
  • When should people used animation on a website instead of a video? 
  • What are some of the mistakes people make when making a video? 
  • What are some of the things the people need to do to get it right? 

  Furthermore, John Allard said you only need one marketing & content plan and sales strategy. The more you think about integration, the more effective it’s going to be. Combine this with the right marketing and growth plan it will help your IT and tech Business succeed. 

 ITS Quick fire Round

 If you are to bottle one part of your business journey and sell it. What would it be and why? 

Start with an agile mentality. In business, you got to have a plan so you will have flexibility, agility and a strategy whenever there is a disaster in which you can flip around and turn it into an opportunity. 

 What is your biggest learning / regret about scaling your business? 

Partnerships – I think when you are a small business, keep partnerships going. The best partnerships are the ones maintaining its integrity.  

 What is your favourite app on your phone and why? 

Liver view – It allows me to see on my app what is going on with my body. 

 Guest Details 

To contact John Allard, connect with him on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/thevideonewsfactory/ 

 We work on partnership; we offer very low entry to know what is like to work with us. 

If you are looking to scale your IT / Tech Consultancy Business and don’t know where to start, then check out the IT Experts Growth Accelerator on our website https://tiny.cc/ITEXPERTS 

You can also download the e-book by clicking this link HERE.


It’s a new ball game/era that’s evolved allowing each brand to become a proper broadcaster. You’ve got to know your audience, program schedules and most importantly you must be out there regularly. If you’ve got listeners and viewers, you want to keep and grow them. – John Allard 

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