EP008 – IT Recruitment Secrets with Ian Benjamin from DigitalExecs and Ian Luckett

IT Recruitment Secrets

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In this episode I share with you some IT recruitment secrets on how to recruit the right people in your IT & Tech Business, simply by hiring the right person for the right job.

Today I talked with Ian Benjamin from DigitalExecs. He is a digital recruiter and an expert in head-hunting, recruiting and finding the right people in IT and Tech Businesses.

In this episode we will help you to not only find, attract and interview the right candidates but also learn the huge impact of getting the right people in your organisation.

One of the biggest issues amongst business owners is a matter of whether to recruit contract employees versus getting full time employees.

According to Ian, unemployment in the IT Sector is at its lowest in UK because  of a shrinking pool of talent to hire, attract or engage with.

As to the question of whether or not to hire people for full time or contracts would still depend on the size of the business, although majority of the hires are contracts only.

Essentially some of the companies feel that contractors are the best option depending on what sort of project they are working on.

However if they are looking into longevity and long term growth then he would recommend to bring someone in long term employee and to develop them and make the person part of the journey of the growth of the company.

Only then the employee will be more committed to the success of the company.

Other key points that we talked about are;

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of the typical Tech Company when recruiting.
  • What are the best things to do when conducting an interview?
  • What questions that are asked to in terms of selecting the right people?
  • The structure of the actual interview.
  • The timeframe of the feedback after the interview.
  • The Key Steps that we need to consider when interviewing/selecting new candidates?
  • The importance of transition and the on boarding process.

ITS Quickfire Round

1) If you were to ‘bottle’ one part of your business journey and sell it, what would that be and why?

I value the massive impact of my learning and development experience development in shaping me as a young adult.

2) What is your biggest learning/regret and advice to listeners when scaling their business.

Regrets – when I missed an opportunity to join into a big business partnership.

3) What is your favourite App on your phone and Why?

Linkedin and my Health app.

Guest Details

To contact Ian Benjamin, connect via Linkedin or visit his website at https://digitalexecs.com/

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If you are looking to scale your IT / Tech Consultancy Business and don’t know where to start, then check out the IT Experts Growth Accelerator on our WEBSITE.

You can also download the e-book by clicking this link – https://tiny.cc/ITE-Ebook19


You have to get it right – recruit the best people otherwise people will leave. – Ian Benjamin

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