Episode 006 – 5 Steps to New Year Success with Ian Luckett

5 Steps to New Year Success

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In this episode, we share with you the 5 steps to New Year Success with Ian Luckett.

In this episode I share with you my 5 Step Model on how to use my planning system to make 2020 an absolute success for you and your business.

Last year was a very successfully year at Innovate to Success and I put this down to having a solid plan that I adjusted and measured throughout the year.

I always have some kind of plan because it helps me keep out of and also manage unnecessary stress and changes that happen in and around the business.

Today, you will learn the 5 steps to New Year success, that I used in 2018 to help achieve my 2019 business growth targets. Also in this episode I have shared with you your own action PDF workbook, that will help you go through each step, note down your actions and also set up a plan of your own so you can set your priorities and goals.

You can download is HERE.

What we talked about- Generally and Top Tips

In this show, we go through each step in detail.

As mentioned before the important element about business planning is setting your goals and making sure you have the correct team around you to help you keep on track.

You can go through this process all in one sitting or you can stop the podcast and spread it over 5 days. Then you will have chance to reflect and add details to your plans while you think and maybe involve others in the process.

Here are the 5 steps to New Year Success:

  • Step 1: Review your business performance last year.
  • Step 2: Look at the bad.
  • Step 3: Look at the good things that went right.
  • Step 4: Set out your goals/targets.
  • Step 5: Map out and measuring it.

 (6:00) STEP 1:  DAY ONE

Review your business performance last year – Have a look and review at what exactly happen last year.

  1. Look at what went well?
  2. Look at the things that didn’t go well?
  3. Look at projects that didn’t get completed?

(10:10) STEP 2: DAY TWO

Looking at the bad – Look at what went wrong and also at things that we can potentially improve. This is where we learn and this is where we grow, as you don’t learn unless you made a few mistakes.

When I learn something new, I can’t help but to share it (if relevant) to my clients, to my company and to my team. This helps us all grow, develop, learn and grow our different businesses together. So, have a look at:

  1. What are your weaknesses? What are the things that are holding you back?
  2. What are your New Year threats?
  3. What are you doing about those threats? 

(16:18) STEP 3: DAY THREE

Look at the good things that went right – When things go well we want to magnify them. Quite simply doing more of the things you do well is a sure-fire way to add to your bottom line, so let’s take a look at:

  1. Identify your strengths.
  2. Identify other opportunities.
  3. Maximizing new opportunities

Right in the middle of this Podcast I gave you a few Tips on how to prioritise and delegate your tasks, This is through the £10, £100 and £1000 test! Here is the detail.

3 different types of task you have in your business:

£10   (Admin task) – room bookings, calling clients, admin task – social media posting, email, etc.

£100 (Management task) – creating content, manage, supervise and delivering client and/or customer satisfaction.

£1000 (important task) – strategic thinking, pitching to clients and generating leads.

(24:00) STEP 4: DAY 4

Setting out your goals/targets  – What are the things that you need to achieve next year – what are your new KPI’s. (Key Performance Indicators)

  1. Set up your new 2020 targets (Overall for the year)
  2. Break them down into quarterly targets
  3. Monthly review/KPI’s.

 (28:40) STEP 5: DAY 5

Map out and measure – Quite simply, What gets measured gets done. One of the best ways to ensure success in your personal and business life is to measure, test and recalibrate your plan as you travel through the year.Therefore:

  1. How are you measuring your business?
  2. Make sure you assign owners to those actions and that they take accountability.
  3. Have a clear vision for what winning look like for you?

I hope you enjoyed this episode about the 5 steps to New Year success. The last page in the action tracker, helps you to pull all of this together. This helps you take the key things that you’ve just written down on each of the individual day steps and create your own plan.

I urge you to complete this exercise, go through this podcast either all in one go or across the next week and share your findings with your team so that they can feel engage with the business.

Complete the sheets, have a think, go back to it next week, have another think and very soon you will have your vision set up for the next year ahead.

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