EP001 – 25 Key Strategies You Need to Know to Scale Your IT Business with Ian Luckett

Strategies on Scaling Your IT Business

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We have been in the space of helping IT and Tech business owners increase their sales, profit, and productivity over the last few years and as you may or may not know, I am a systems and processes guy.

The Model that we use at Innovate to Success is called the DRIVE for business model. This model has delivered many clients amazing results over the past three years, and I want to share the fundamental building blocks with you today in this podcast.

In this episode, I go deep into the individual components of the DRIVE for Business model, and explain how it can help you out once implemented correctly.

In this episode, I share with you 5 essential strategies for each of the 5 steps of the DRIVE for Business model.

  1. Personal Development

Step 1: Having a vision.

Step 2: Creating a plan.

Step 3: Upskilling your skillset.

Step 4: Getting fit for business.

Step 5: How to be more productive.

  1. Business Development

Step 6: Identify your USP.

Step 7: Identify your Lead Generation Process.

Step 8: Defining your Customer Journey.

Step 9: Figuring out your Sales Process.

Step 10: Delivering excellent customer Service

  1. People Planning

Step 11: Recruiting the right people.

Step 12: Assigning accountability.

Step 13: Improving productivity.

Step 14: Communicating with your team.

Step 15: Performance Management

  1. Finance and Commercial

Step 16:  Understand your accounts.

Step 17: Increase your income and decreasing your costs.

Step 18: Increasing your value.

Step 19: Deal packaging.

Step 20: Developing your proposals.

  1. Performance Management

Step 21:  Setting up your KPIs.

Step 22: Setting up your dashboard.

Step 23: 360 Reporting

Step 24: Measuring your business performance.

Step 25: Celebrating your success.

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If you are looking to scale your IT / Tech Consultancy Business and don’t know where to start, then check out our IT Experts Growth Academy Group on LinkedIn – a collaborative and safe environment to learn the foundations to IT and Tech Business Growth – click here to request access HERE.

You can also download our e-book How to Grow your IT & Tech Business by clicking HERE

You may check out the video version of this podcast on Youtube HERE.

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