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Come and learn how the 5 Key Steps of the IT Experts Model will help you instantly increase your SALES, PROFIT and  PRODUCTIVITY of your IT & Tech Business

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Tuesday 31st March at The Bedford Swan Hotel, The Embankment, Bedford, MK40 1RW

We know that running an IT, MSP or Tech based business is not as easy as it looks. 
Every day you’re faced with challenges around generating regular income, finding new clients, managing your staff and standing out from the crowd.
Suddenly you now find yourself consumed working IN the business rather than working ON the business and helping it grow and scale.
The IT Experts Growth Summit is a powerful one-day event, where IT, MSP and Tech Based Business Owners come to take time out and focus working ON their business in a structured, logical and straightforward manner.
During the day, we build you your own growth plan under the watchful and experienced eye of IaLuckett – IT & Tech Business Growth Expert.

We will delve into the 5 Step IT Experts Model, that has help many Tech Business owners to develop their own structured growth plan that they implement, measure and deliver on every day. 

The results are that they naturally increase their sales, profits and productivity. 

At this event you will find out how to:

     1. Develop your own growth plan that is tailored to your own business.
     2. Easily stand out from your competition to generate more leads.
     3. Package your services better, so you are not beaten by a “Price comparison culture”
     4. Stop managing your teams and start leading and developing them instead.
     5. Close more business by connecting with your prospects better.

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Who is Ian Luckett? I am a Business Growth Consultant and I specialise helping business owners in the IT, MSP & Tech Sectors.

I pretty much wake up every day with the purpose to help others out, whether that be in business or in their personal lives.

I have always been a big fan of Personal Development and my passion has spread over the years into the business world.
I now help Tech based business owners to achieve success in both their personal and business lives as I simplify business growth using my IT Experts Model.


Working with Ian has been one of the best business decisions we have made. He is experienced in looking at a business from a different pair of eyes and instantly identified revenue generating tasks that helped increased our profit margin from day one.

As a result, we are now more organised and in control of our business. The ROI of working with Ian and his systems has far exceeded our expectations.

Toby Limbrick and Stuart Elliot

Network e-Auctions


Ian is the man when it comes to helping IT businesses to thrive. He’s has an extremely business brain, but also has a heart of gold. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any IT Expert who wants to grow their business and income.

He recently spoke at our Expert Empires event, and it’s been a real pleasure to see his business grow year on year as part of our Mastermind programme. I’m excited to continue working closely with him in the years ahead.

Nick James

Creator of Experts Empires


•  IT, MSP and Tech Based Business owners who are looking to scale and grow.
 •  Businesses going through or planning to go through change.
 • Business Owners who are spending too much  time delivering technical tasks

Attend this event ONLY if you want to:

  • • Instantly increase your sales leads
    • Stop working 100 hours a week with an unproductive team.
    • Close more Businesses by resonating with your target prospects better.
     • Understand the inner workings of the financial side of your business.
     • Have your own structured growth plan that is tailored to you and your business.
  • As a Tech based business owner, you will always be the Technical expert in your field, this doesn’t however make you an expert in running a business!
  • So, come and learn the tried, tested and proven systems to make your business run better for you!
Ian at SFB

Tuesday 31st March at The Bedford Swan Hotel, The Embankment, Bedford, MK40 1RW ​Registration at 08:00 am, Summit Starts at 09:00 – 17:00 ​All refreshments and lunch included.

The 5 Sector IT Experts Model

This structured, motivational and confidence building event, will use the 5 Step IT Experts Model to help you develop your own growth plan in one day and accelerate your business results based on 5 key areas.

The IT Experts model is a straight-forward business growth tool that is specifically designed to help IT & Tech based businesses increase sales, profit and productivity.

It helps you build confidence and knowledge within the business to develop your own tailored growth plan that in turn, will help you take your business to your next level.


This is NOT an “Off the shelf” system or a franchise coaching model, we (together) will build you a tailored plan using our 20 years’ experience growing businesses, that is simple to use and implement. This is so important because every Business owner is different and   therefore has different challenges.

The 5 Key areas of the model  are:

Personal Development

This is all about strengthening your growth mindset so that you can develop your own Company Vision and direction to share with your team and clients.

Business Development

We look at your Sales and Marketing Activities, refining your USP, customer journeys, lead generation and closing those sales.

People Planning

As an expert in the tech sector, you need other experts to supporting you and these are hard to find! Once you have found them, we need to engage them in the company vision to ensure they are productive and add value from day one.

Finance and Commercial

Sales are easy to increase; however profitable sales are another issue. We look at how you are packaging your services and solutions to help you stand out from the crowd.

Business Performance

“What gets measured gets done”. If you don’t regularly keep track of how your business is performing, then how do you know if you have the bandwidth to take on an extra client or project?

During the day, you will learn tools, techniques and models that will enable you to walk away with a ready-to-implement plan for structuring your business growth.

This Summit will give you the confidence and knowledge to increase your revenue, improve your efficiency, freeing up your valuable time so you can focus on the key things to drive forward your business and give you the time to create a better work life balance.


If you want to take your IT Business forward then the IT Experts Mastermind is a “No Brainer”.

Ian has helped generate and close more business as a result of the simplicity of his IT Experts Model. I would highly recommend the Mastermind Group and the Tech Community that he is creating.

Neil Kemp – Managing Director

  Network & Security Limited.


Due to Ian’s experience in IT Business strategy he was able to easily look at my organisation from a completely different angle. He offered many alternative suggestions and ideas to help me and my business grow. By being challenging yet supportive, he gave me confidence as we developed a three stage plan to systematically grow my business over the coming years. I would highly recommend connecting with Ian to see how he can help others in this space.

Nelson S

Business Intelligence

These events are in high demand and have limited spaces available.  Therefore reserving your space now will get you one step ahead of your competition and one step nearer to running a more efficient and profitable IT & Tech Business

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If you have any questions before you register, or you’d prefer to book your place over the phone, just call 01582 227 950 and speak to one of the team. 

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