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By Ian Luckett

A must read for any Serious Business Owner

I will show you in 10 Simple Steps, how to Grow Your Expert Consultancy Business in the next 6 Weeks

In this ​Ebook you will learn : -

  • The Fundamental Tried and tested Steps to Growing Your Business ​
  • What you need to focus on and what you need to forget
  • How to Put your own Growth Plan Together.
  • How to Regain and live the life you deserve, while running your business!

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What are people saying about "How to Triple Your Consultancy Business Growth in the Next 6 Weeks

This ebook is full of nuggets of wisdom, any business owner will benefit from reading this. Covering topics such as defining your purpose, knowing your numbers and the importance of connecting with your clients. A very worthwhile read!

Jo Ward Business Support Consultant

Some great tips and advice. Simply laid out and I love the actions that he sets as well. Ian's advice is on point and I can't wait to get started on my own plan!

Steve Hall IT Business Owner

What a great informative simple way to grasp the basics of Growing Your Business. Ian's approach really gets your mind in the right place to tackle this complex but yet critical time ahead.

Darren Drewitt Management Consultant                 

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