How to Build Rapport with Your Team

How to Build Rapport with Your Team

There is so much written about being a better Leader, being a better manager, how to build a team. However, the most important element of team building, in my opinion, is having the ability to build rapport. This is vital when your aim is to coach and develop others to enhance their professional lives and improve their productivity.

I have been leading teams since my mid 20’s and to start with it was very hard. It was hard because I had to find my own way; I had to find my own style and one that worked for me. This took a number of years and honestly I am still learning 20 years later!

It is critical that you learn how to get on and connect with people. Communication and rapport building skills will then become some of your key tools that will help you inspire, motivate and develop others.

In this blog, there are three “Golden Nuggets” that are going to give you that head start that I know you need and deserve. These three tips focus on helping you build that rapport and more importantly trust between you and your individual team members.

Tip 1
Be there for your team. 

My first tip is all about being there for your team. Not telling them what to do, but using your ears and mouth in the correct proportion. (I.e. listen twice as much as you talk). There is a real need for you to focus, support and relate to concerns that your team have.

Again they are all very different individuals to you and you need to treat them as THEY wish to be treated and not as YOU wish to be treated. So be there for them and show them that you care and take their welfare seriously.

Tip 2
Delegate and empower 

The second part to helping you build that trust between yourself and your team is to delegate to them. In the 80’s this was very much seen and “dumping” all your work on others. However the way to approach it now is very different. If you provide the right training for the right individual and help them use it, then you can watch them develop and take on more responsibility. They will then become more motivated and deliver more work and in turn help manage your stress levels. You will naturally have a more productive team. Win Win right?

Tip 3
Celebrate and show that you are human.

The last point is showing them that you are actually human. This is about really connecting with them so that they know what makes YOU tick and you know what makes THEM tick. The one real easy way to do this is with recognition. You don’t have to buy them gifts, start off by simply saying “Thank you” more often. This will go such a long way. When they achieve a key milestone or target, take them out to lunch. The reason for this is because when you get them out of the office environment they start building personal relationships with each other and building rapport between themselves.

It is as simple as that, support and know your team, delegate and trust them and then celebrate and build that all important rapport with them.

These three tips are integrated into my Drive programme, where you can find a FREE 7 Day version that you can download and access here on this site.  They all fall under the fifth section called EXECUTE, which is all about team building, networking and taking action.

Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know if this has helped you in any way, also to share it and tell your colleagues and help to spread the message.  Don’t forget to check out my other blogs to help you reach your personal and business goals – all the links are below.

Have a great day!

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