How To Grow Your Business

Using Tried and Tested Personal Development Tactics.

Your business is actually all about YOU. Having more spare time to spend with your friends and your family is a key objective for us at IT Experts. To get this right we need to do some work on your mindset – Don’t panic it won’t hurt, but the process we will go through certainly will get you thinking about your very own ”WHY”.

Below you find a selection of our LinkedIn #tuesdaytip posts.

These are designed specifically to give you short, sharp and effective tips and tricks from the relevant section of the Drive For Business Model to help you grow your business.

Getting Fit for Business

This IT/MSP Business Growth #tuesdaytip is all about “Getting Fit for Business“.

We’ve talked about taking care of your customers. We’ve talked about taking care of your people. Now, it’s about time we talk about taking care of yourself.

Your business cannot run and progress without you in your best shape at the helm. So, how do you take care of your body an dhow do you make that time in your already busy schedule?

Check out this video to help you have a better understanding on why and how should you can get fit for business!

“Healthy Eating” for Business

This #tuesdaytip is all about “Healthy Eating” for Business.

We always talk about how important it is to take care of our people, check on them and make sure they are in good shape to help our businesses perform, but what happens if we neglect our well-being and more importantly our food intake?

Someone who helped me understand this is early on was Andrew Bridgewater. He reminded me that you are what you eat, everything you eat has an impact to your health, especially in business.

So if you are not eating healthy yet, check out these effective tips and tricks, it’s never too late to change your eating habits!

You can hear Andrews Podcast we recorded last year here –

Your Learning and Development

This #tuesdaytip, and it’s all about “Your Learning and Development.”

Many business owners don’t value their own Learning and Development and correlate this to their business results

I want you to ask yourself a question. What are you doing in order to take your business to the next level and crank up your knowledge that will end up being delivered to your clients through your products and services?

Business growth don’t just happen, YOU make it happen! With that in mind, I am giving you three golden nuggets to give you a better grasp on some simple actions that you need to do in order to take your business where you want it to be.

Work Life Balance

This #tuesdaytip is all about “Work Life Balance“.

How does your work life balance look like as of the moment? Are you one of those who struggle to juggle everything they want to do in their business and their personal lives?

Today’s tip is all about getting better at handling work life balance, including some useful techniques that you can apply right away — so that you can get the balance you rightfully deserve.

Understanding Your Why in Business

This Business Growth #tuesdaytip is all about “Understanding your WHY in Business”

If you get in the office in the morning and you just lack energy and enthusiasm in your work, then it probably means that what you’re doing a task or working in an area of your business that is not congruent with your values.

However, if we get the right support by specialists and people who are experts in specific tasks, then they will complete them at a higher standard and also much quicker.

When you are energised the enthusiasm that you have will flow through your team, through your business and through to your clients and the services that you offer.

Have a think about what tasks you can leverage and who can do them better than than you, so that you can then focus on growing your business.


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