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Welcome to your future.

My DRIVE 30 Day Success System is the next level in my Personal Business development system that I have designed to enable you to gain control of your busy work life. In just 30 short days, I guarantee you that If you open your mind, dig deep, think a little differently and commit to focus 100% on your actions, then you will succeed and this will change your life – seriously!

Ultimately you WILL start to achieve that balance between your home and work life, improve your productivity and reduce your level of stress.

You get 5 instructional feature videos – 5 action PDF’s – Weekly and Monthly PDF Success system and access to my Secret Facebook support group.

The 30 Day Success System is the intermediate level course of my DRIVE programme and it is going to take your business and personal lives to the next level. The programme is structured into five easy to follow steps which each have their own instructional video and accompanying action PDF documents for you to start building your own bespoke system.
This version starts to challenge what success looks like to you and is a real game changer in terms of what you deserve as an ambitious professional.
I am so confident that this will programme will add massive value to you, that I am offering you a Money Back Guarantee plus £10 if it doesn’t help you gain clarity and improve the quality of your personal and business life in these 30 days. (Clearly you need to do the work, however I am this confident it will help you out) 
  • Online Material You gain access to 5 Videos, one on each of the sections of the programme. Also you will have 5 Action PDF workbooks for you to start really understanding digging deep and understanding Who you are and What you want out of your life? Finally I have given you a simple two step weekly and monthly planning system. This way you can capture and record your Areas for Focus so that you keep on track.
  • Simple D.R.I.V.E. Topics Each section of DRIVE is broken down into step by step element that takes you on a journey through the system. The topics of this programme include;
    • Decide – In the first section we look at what do you want? Why are we doing this and How are we going to change the way we act and think?
    • Review – We look into your passions, health and mind and maintaining focus.
    • Interrogate – We interrogate your feelings, planning systems and strengths and weaknesses
    • Visualise – Here we look at the effectiveness of Choices and Communication styles.
    • Execute – Finally we look at action taking, building your network and celebrating all that hard work that you have done.
  • Weekly and Monthly Success Sheets In addition to the video content and also the Action PDF documents, I have provided some tracking and capture sheets to keep you on course.
    • Weekly Success Sheets – This is your first taste of capturing and really getting control of your week. Here we will start to categorise and look at the initial areas that we need to focus on.
    • Monthly Success Sheets– These monthly sheets will provide you with a longer term view. These will help you remind yourself why you are doing this and pull you through in times of challenge.
  • Secret Facebook Support Group I understand how sensitive personal development is in the work place, especially in the corporate environment, I have therefore created a closed group where we can engage and share our experiences and learning with each other, all in the safe and confidential environment. 
  • Email Support In addition to the above, I have set up a special email address for you to use of you need any further clarity or support, as soon as you sign up you will get access to this and feel free to contact me with your specific query or question.

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