DRIVE 7 Day Success System

My FREE - NO obligation quick start Personal Business development system

Also you get Access to my PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL Facebook group to test out the strategies in a safe environment

Welcome to your FREE 7 Day Success System.

The 7 Day System is my no obligation introduction to the Innovate to Success DRIVE Personal and Business development system.

This is my quick start programme that introduces you to the fundamentals and concepts of the DRIVE System. In each of the DRIVE programmes I have constructed them so that you Decide, Review, Interrogate, Visualise and Execute your very own bespoke plans. This way we keep on track and out of overwhelm and stress.

Within this programme you get a 4 page PDF guide and a tutorial video to help you through the process.

Also you get access to my Private Facebook Group where we can all interact in confidence and test out the strategies in a safe environment. At the end of the week you will have made some significant steps to identifying and designing your own system that will help you reduce stress and improve your productivity.

At the end of the 7 Days you will

  • Identify, What does “Winning” look like to you in both your personal and business life.
  • You will start to understand your Why, your ultimate reason for going through this process.
  • Find out what good and bad behaviours you have and how they can help and or hinder your success.
  • Understand and list your specific goals and targets for the week ahead.
  • Schedule out and start to focusing on what really matters to you.

All of a sudden you will achieve much more in your week, because you will start to find pockets of time and rather than wasting them on non productive tasks. The Action PDF’s will really keep you on track and help to eliminate distractions.

I know this will be your first step towards getting that work life balance that you deserve. Check out my reviews below from some of my students.

Go on! Try it out, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

7 Day Success System student Review from Paul A – Sheffield, UK – January 2017.

“I was referred to Ian by a mutual friend who knew that I would benefit from his DRIVE system following a recent promotion I had recently been through at work.

To start things off Ian suggested I try the 7 day Success System.

After spending time reviewing the literature and videos that accompany this I set some time aside on a Sunday afternoon to start the process of planning my week ahead.

I spent time working through my diary planning the things that I both had to do and also the things that I wanted to do. For each of these activities I kept questioning why? Why am I doing what I am doing and why do I want to do the things I want too? I found that with some thought I was able to apply a why to nearly everything I had planned in the week ahead. Rather than simply stating ‘because I am paid to do it’ I was able to link every activity to a specific Why, such as personal development, increased visibility, increased BAU knowledge, family time etc… This provided me with much better focus for the week ahead and definitely contributed to a much more relaxing Sunday!!

Inevitable as the week wore on my plan was amended slightly to accommodate the unknown unknowns as they landed, but with each of these I simple applied the same principle of extracting the Why for each activity which gave me increased purpose.

I felt my week was more productive as a result of the exercise and am now looking forward to developing this further and improving with the 30 Success System in the month ahead.”

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