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Welcome to Drive for Business 1:1 Business Performance Support.


As an ambitious business owner, we understand some of the pains that you can and will endure during the stages of trying to grow and control your business.


We know that it can sometimes be complicated and unnerving getting to know your numbers. Also we understand that the people that you work with can also sometimes just get in the way and don’t do what you want them to do. Finally poor productivity within a business can steal you of your precious time and also cost you money – but how do you measure your productivity?

Working 1:1 is the next level in terms of short cutting the route to getting your business ready for growth, helping you understand your costs and putting a plan in place to simply get you more spare time in your life.
So that you can gauge where you and your business are in terms of any Hidden Potential (Including profits), we have put together a Super Quick Quiz to help you out!


Below are a few questions that I challenge you to ask yourself. For a bit of fun we have put a score to each question and this score will give you a quick ready reckoner on whether or not we feel that we can help YOU get control of YOUR business.


Answer the questions below honestly and take note of the individual score for each answer. Then sum them up at the end and see how you did.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Give it a try and if you want to improve your score, your profits and your business, then I invite you to simply get in touch for a chat.

Just click on the link at the bottom to arrange for your FREE 20 Minute (absolutely No Obligation) Business Review.

Question 1:

How much confidence do you have in your forward Sales Pipeline?

Score 4 – Lots
Score 3 – A Little
Score 2 – None
Score 1 – I dont have a Sales Pipeline

Question 2:

Do you know what your Cost of Sales is? 

Score 4 – Yes
Score 3 – Sort of
Score 2 – No
Score 1 – What is “Cost of Sales”

Question 3:

When you are away on holiday, does your business run as smoothly as it does when you are there?

Score 4 – Yes
Score 3 – Kind of?
Score 2 – No
Score 1 – Whats a Holiday!

Question 4:

How often do you honestly review the performance and health of your business?

4 – Weekly

Question 5:

How much quality spare time do you have each week to spend with your friends and family?

4 – Over 10 hours
3 – 5  to 10 hours

If your TOTAL:

is between 15 – 18:

Well Done! You have a good grasp on your business! Congratulations!

If your TOTAL:

is between 10 – 14:

There is potentially more that you could do to improve an develop your business!”

Why not get in touch to see what we can do?

If your TOTAL:

 is 9 and below :

“We can certainly help you, every business has Hidden Potential – you just need to know where to look.

Simply enter your email address below and lets connect

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