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Welcome to Drive for Business 1:1 Business Performance Support.


As an ambitious business owner, we understand some of the pains that you can and will endure during the stages of trying to grow and control your business.


We know that it can sometimes be complicated and unnerving getting to know your numbers. Also we understand that the people that you work with can also sometimes just get in the way and don’t do what you want them to do. Finally poor productivity within a business can steal you of your precious time and also cost you money – but how do you measure your productivity?

Working 1:1 is the next level in terms of short cutting the route to getting your business ready for growth, helping you understand your costs and putting a plan in place to simply get you more spare time in your life.
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So that you can gauge where you and your business are in terms of any Hidden Potential (Including profits), we have put together a Super Quick Quiz to help you out!


Below are a few questions that I challenge you to ask yourself. For a bit of fun we have put a score to each question and this score will give you a quick ready reckoner on whether or not we feel that we can help YOU get control of YOUR business.


Answer the questions below honestly and take note of the individual score for each answer. Then sum them up at the end and see how you did.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Give it a try and if you want to improve your score, your profits and your business, then I invite you to simply get in touch for a chat.

Just click on the link at the bottom to arrange for your FREE 20 Minute (absolutely No Obligation) Business Review.

Question 1:

How much confidence do you have in your forward Sales Pipeline?

Score 4 – Lots
Score 3 – A Little
Score 2 – None
Score 1 – I dont have a Sales Pipeline

Question 2:

Do you know what your Cost of Sales is? 

Score 4 – Yes
Score 3 – Sort of
Score 2 – No
Score 1 – What is “Cost of Sales”

Question 3:

When you are away on holiday, does your business run as smoothly as it does when you are there?

Score 4 – Yes
Score 3 – Kind of?
Score 2 – No
Score 1 – Whats a Holiday!

Question 4:

How often do you honestly review the performance and health of your business?

4 – Weekly

Question 5:

How much quality spare time do you have each week to spend with your friends and family?

4 – Over 10 hours
3 – 5  to 10 hours

If your TOTAL:

is between 15 – 18:

Well Done! You have a good grasp on your business! Congratulations!

If your TOTAL:

is between 10 – 14:

There is potentially more that you could do to improve an develop your business!”

Why not get in touch to see what we can do?

If your TOTAL:

 is 9 and below :

“We can certainly help you, every business has Hidden Potential – you just need to know where to look.

Simply enter your email address below and lets connect

Client Testimonials

I have been working with Ian for the last 2 years and it all started when he suggested we ran a Full Business Performance Review Session. Before the meeting I didn’t really know what to expect, however very quickly his process opened my eyes in terms of potentially opportunities for cost reductions and ways to increase my revenue. The scary thing was that these elements were actually right in front of me. The outcome is that I now have clarity on what the business needs to focus on a daily basis and also a plan to increase my revenue to enable us to employ a larger team to support my clients. I am now genuinely excited about the future and achieving the goals we set.Andy Sheppard – Omicron Solutions Limited

Client Testimonials

At the Business Experts Workshop I attended the biggest takeaway from the day was to meet other people who work in different businesses than us, and to understand what they're doing, how they're doing it and this was really powerful. The way that Ian controlled the Masterminding element was like nothing I had seen before and now we know clearly that we need to focus on in our business. Gary Grant - Property Consultant

Client Testimonials

Ian's delivers his content in such a way that it is simple and easy to follow, straightforward and no jargon which I really liked. I also like the fact that he is well connected with lots of different types of Expert Consultancy businesses. He identifies synergies between us as there are lots of similarities about our requirements and challenges that we face. Ians expertise is in the way he applies relevant learning points to different businesses once we have identified the key objectives. - Rhiannon Glacken - Accountancy Marketing Expert

Client Testimonials

I worked with Ian to see how I could upscale my business, as I am very much into business development and worked with various different business coaches before. The time i spent with him was amazing, it was very structured. There was lots of new content, tips and strategies that I hadn’t seen before and now I have a plan that I can put into practice right away and I’m absolutely looking forward to working with Ian in the future. Tamsin Henman - Pathogenics Consultant

Client Testimonials

I came on Ian's course because I am on the process of scaling up my business and the knowledge that I learnt from Ian will help me take the business to the next level. My biggest takeaway from the day was learning how to measure my business. I have been using business coaches in the past and I found Ian's approach much more direct and a lot more bespoke to me, and there's simply no BS, just straight forward tactic. - Maciek Oleksiak - IT Consultant

Client Testimonials

With the various businesses that I have run in the last 30 to 40 years, we get in the habit where you get stuck in your business. The most valuable element from working with Ian is the way that he looked at our business from a completely different direction. You need someone to prompt you, push you and coach you along the way to look at your business through different eyes. This was really valuable and we took away some great tips to implement straight away .  - Jet Shah - Business Support Consultant          

Client Testimonials

Since I have been working on the 60 day Success System,  there have been huge changes in both my personal life and with my business - Ian has been instrumental in helping me focus and channel my energy and effort into areas in my business and personal life that were lacking. I am now more organised and structured. My business has already started seeing the benefits. I would recommend that everybody who wants to grow their business has a chat with Ian - it's been a life changing for me. - Jo Wareham - The Little Branding Company

Client Testimonials

Ian is a truly genuine person; I have been working with Ian for the last 3 years on some really interesting and complex projects. He brings innovation and “out of the box” thinking to what can be seen as an everyday process.

He uses his vast interpersonal skill set to coach and mentor his team as well as others to obtain maximum business and personal performance. – John Kettley – Business Turnaround Specialist

Client Testimonials

I have known Ian for 9 years and he is one of the most energetic leaders I know. He clearly understands what he wants to achieve out of a task and has this ability to apply himself and his strategies 100%.

He is constantly looking for ways to better himself and any teams around him and he does this with structure and purpose. Ian’s greatest strength lie in his ability to identify coaching opportunities and mentor others to achieve their goalsEmma Nicholls MBA

Client Testimonials

Ian is passionate about and committed to working with individuals and organisations alike to help them identify opportunity and hidden capabilities.

His coaching and mentoring skills ensure he does not personally dominate the process but actively wraps around his charge to help others deliver and thus take responsibility for actions and outcomes – as evidenced by his excellent Drive System.

Ian’s entrepreneurial approach and leadership style plays well to supporting individuals and organisations well through change processes emerging the other side as either a member or leader of a high performing team. – Helen Wain – Head of Procurement

Client Testimonials

I started working with Ian because I wanted to find out more about how my business actually ran and how to take it to the next level. I've been doing it for 20 years but never thought how business coaching could help. It was really an eye opener!  Ian's approach was really friendly and the support is something that I never thought I would learn in a group format. I was able to interact with confidence in a group of different businesses where we get to work together and help each other out. Luan Jakupaj - M&E Consultant

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