5 Pillars to Help Find Your Tech Niche

Today, I want to talk to you about how you find your niche.  

When you are an IT and Tech Business, I absolutely get the fact that you want to try and serve everybody. 

Whether you are in IT or software support or whatever it is you are doing. Normally people start out businesses where they’re trying to serve everyone. Well, let me tell you something, if you are trying to serve everyone, you are going to end up serving no one. 

And the reason for this is because your message is not going to resonate. You’re not going to be known as a specialist or an expert who is going to solve my problem. 

Once you found your niche, you will target your market much tighter. 

Your messaging will be on point, you will increase your leads, you will increase your sales and you will become known as an authority in your field. 

So, what is a niche? A niche is a specialism. It is a sector, an area, or a part of  business or industry that you particularly work in. 

As soon as you find your niche you will increase your sales and your profit to no end.  


Step 1: N – NEED. What need are you actually solving for your potential prospects or your clients? What is that they are trying to achieve. The thing to be careful about here is this, what are you selling and what are they buying? You are selling Tech but that is not what they are buying. They are buying peace of mind, they are buying a feeling, they are buying security, they are buying simplicity, they are buying productivity. 

 Step 2: I – INDIVIDUAL. Who is the person who has that need? Who is that individual? What sector do they work in? What part of the organization are they working in? They may not necessarily be the buyer. So you really need to identify who that individual is. 

Step 3: C – CHALLENGE. It is all about the challenge. What challenges have they’ve got? They might have a need to improve the security of their data. But the challenge is that they have been breached, or they are not compliant. And the real issue here is that their whole business is in a problem because they got a challenge that you need to go in and fix. 

Step 4: H – HISTORY. What history you have got? Where have you been brilliant before? Where you have had any expertise before that you can present and say that you have dealt with this and that and whatever it might be. Where’s the history of your expertise or experience and the evidence. 

Step 5: E – EXPECTATIONS. What expectations have they got? What do they want out of it? Where are they going to end up? What is the end result? 

To put all this into action here’s what you need to do now: 

1.Find your Industry sector.  

2. What pain or problem are you solving? Link it to productivity & people. 

3.What are they actually buying? e.g. simplicity or peace of mind? 

4. Do they have the funds? They can’t pay you if they don’t.  

5. Craft your marketing message. Think benefits and results.  

6. Test and validate your ideas using previous contacts and connections.   

7.Build your credibility with your previous successful records. 

8. Validate your solution: Have a tested, proven ROI model. 

Once you found your niche, and you can make your service produce more value to an organization than it costs then everyone is a winner. 

We help many IT & Tech Business owners to find their niche by using the IT Experts Model. This is our tried and tested business growth system specifically designed for you as a tech business owner. 

To learn more about how the mode can help you take your business to your next level and see it in action, then check out our IT Experts Growth Accelerator and choose an event that suits you best. 



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