60 Day Success System

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My 60 Day Success system will transform your life and mindset in 60 Days. For less than a cup of your favourite coffee a day you can learn how to Decide, Review, Interrogate, Visualise and Execute on YOUR bespoke plan! I will guide you through the process and then you take control and design and structure out what is important in your life.

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Your toolkit will contain nearly 4 hours of instructional videos and accompanying MP3 files, a bound 60 Day Success Journal, priority email support and a Monthly Webinar.

Below is a list of the topic that are included in the programme and each has its very own 3 hours of instructional videos and accompanying MP3 audio file.

  1. Introduction Video
  2. Decide Part 1 – Identify Targets, KPI and reviewing capabilities
  3. Decide Part 1 – Priorities for Personal Life
  4. Decide Part 1 – Priorities for Business Life
  5. Review Part 1 – Identifying Values and your passion
  6. Review Part 1 – Healthy Body and Mind
  7. Review Part 1 – A balanced life, focus and prioritisation
  8. Interrogate Part 1 – Belief system and the impact of feelings
  9. Interrogate Part 1 – Self-awareness and personal brand
  10. Interrogate Part 1 – Managing Interruptions and stress and time targets
  11. Visualise Part 1 – Goal Systems and Time Management
  12. Visualise Part 2 – Visualise the future
  13. Visualise Part 2 – Body Language and Communication skills
  14. Execute Part 1 – Leadership
  15. Execute Part 1 – Team Building and Networking
  16. Execute Part 1 – Reflecting, Recording and Celebrating success
  17. Journal Quick Start Guide
  18. Summary and wrap up

Video Tutorials
I have designed the video tutorials to be, short, punchy and in a systematical and manageable format. I realise that you are busy already in your day to day life, so the plan is that you review and complete one of these a day over the first 15 days. You can complete them sooner if you wish. At the end of each video, there will be an action for you to complete and this will be recorded in your Journal. From Day 1 you will be creating and designing your very own bespoke planning system.

Audio MP3 Files
In addition to the above I have made each video available in Audio format, so you can easily have access to the material when you are on the go.

60 Day Success Journal
The Journal has been systematically designed to be easy to follow and complete with you own personal information. Each of the 15 videos link into a section within the Journal which include, “Your Personal Statement of Commitment”, “Personal and Business Drivers”, “Business and Personal Areas for Focus”, “Monthly Success Sheets” and “Weekly Success Diary sheets”.

Once you have completed the video programme you will have an amazing record of what you are doing, why you are doing it and this will keep you in focus, keep on track and ensure you don’t get into stress. All in all it’s your own bespoke success system that will deliver the results you desire and have worked so hard for.

Facebook Community
In addition to all the above you will also be given access to the “60 Day Success System” Facebook group, here you can get help and support from like-minded individuals from around the world on the programme and journey that you are going through. I will also be providing updates and sharing additional tips and tricks to make your journey easier and also enhance the programme.

Email Support
In addition to the above, you will also be given priority email support. It is going to be undoubtedly a tough journey and there may be times when you need additional help and support along the way. So by investing in this programme means that you will automatically jump to the top of the list when it comes to getting back to you and helping with your issues.

Monthly Webinar
Finally, I will be holding a monthly webinar that you would be invited to. These will be focused on each of the elements of the DRIVE programme and also be a place for us as a community to interact and support one another. In addition there will be feature topics and additional content.

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